Hi, I’m Bettina! Welcome to 3 Pink Chairs!!

3PC is currently going through a cleanse, starting fresh. Out with the old and in with the new. For my current followers, the content will be much of the same. I’m still me!

For you newbies out there, I love to share recipes. Some I’ve been making for years and others the first time will be when I’m sharing it with you. I don’t claim to be a chef. I’m far from it to be honest. I follow recipes for the most part but have enough cooking experience to change it up if I wish. Most of my recipes are ones that I’ve found from Pinterest (gotta love the P), have liked and want to share with you. When I’m able to, I will include a link to the original recipe. I’m not trying to steal it as my own.

Most of my meals are going to be on the healthier side. I’ve struggled with my weight the majority of my adult life. For the past year and a half though, I’ve been going to Weight Watcher meetings and often calculate SmartPoints for my meals. In fact, I’m proud to say that I reached GOAL recently and am looking forward to becoming LIFETIME!

I’m still human though and love a creamy pasta dish, slice of chocolate cake or fried chicken from time to time. So there will be some indulgences. A girl’s gotta live right?!

Not everything about 3PC is cooking. Though, most of it probably will be. I also love to read and share the various books I’ve come across. My goal for 2019 is to read 24 books. That’s a potential 24 book reviews coming your way!

I am also a new homeowner with a list of projects a mile long that one by one I’m going to knock out. Some of those accomplishments might make their way to 3PC. One never knows. 😉

If any of this interests you, and I hope that it does, please follow my blog. Any time I publish a new post, it will go straight to your email. Likes and comments are encouraged. The more positive reviews I receive, the more I know what you all are enjoying and want to see more of.

Thanks for being with me today! Let’s get started!!