I got this!

Today was the Total Eclipse. True it was during the day and didn’t affect me one bit after work when I would go to the gym. But how many of us would use that as a reason or an excuse to not go?

Be honest now.

You know it’s true.

I come home after work and my power was out. Again this could have easily been another excuse. Though it’s actually a good reason to go to the gym. No power, no TV.

And it stormed on and off all day. In fact it was coming down so hard as I was driving to the gym I could hardly see. I thought about turning around, mad at myself for waiting so long to go. I have a tendency to wait until 9pm to get out the door. But decided to at least drive up there, I was so close, and see if the rain died down enough that I could run in.

It did and I did. =)

Dedication baby!

Motivation Day 3

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This is a good one for today. Yesterday’s work out was a big one. Strength training days always are. I told myself that I would take it easy Monday. But that doesn’t mean by not working out. So maybe today’s session won’t be the best session at the gym. That’s ok. I’ll still be going. Going is better than not going.

Take an easy day if you have to. But still go. You’ll thank yourself after. =)

WW Week 17 Recap

This week was a huge improvement over last week. If you all remember last week I had my first true gain. Yes, I gained 1 lb. Though it wasn’t a lot, it was in the opposite direction of which I’m going. Not good.

But not entirely bad either.

Sometimes you need a “negative” to help push you in the right direction or to help motivate you to make a change.

This week I lost 2.8 lbs. That means that 1 lb I gained last week is gone as well as 1.8 of his little friends! lol This brings my total loss to 28 lbs. Each week that I see that number grow is a huge motivator for me. It really is.

My last big hurdle, in a way the only one I have had thus far, was getting past my birthday. We don’t need to go back there again but needless to say it was a difficult birthday for me this year…for multiple reasons. BUT I made it through it and with flying colors if I do say so myself.

I feel as if my next hurdle will be to lose 30 pounds. Although I suppose it isn’t much of a hurdle. I’ll do it. I feel confident in this. I will have to do little more than I am already doing in order to do it.

Therefore it isn’t much of a struggle.

Therefore no hurdle.

But mentally it will be just slightly. Maybe. More of a “Yes! I did it!” or “Take that!”. I have said this several times I know but last year I lost 29 lbs before falling off he wagon and gaining everything back. In some ways I need to prove to myself that I will make it past that point, not fall off, but instead stay strong and reach my goal.

Hence the hurdle.

I won’t be at next Sunday’s meeting because I will be running in a race at the same time of the meeting. I have decided that evening classes aren’t the best for me. So my next meeting will be in 2 Saturday’s. That’s almost 2 weeks. I will surely lose 2 lbs in that amount of time. Especially with training for next weekend’s race.

I believe in this very much! So much so that it puts a smile on my face. =)

One of the ladies is this morning’s meeting made goal today. GOAL! Each time there is a celebration everyone claps. We are always happy to help congratulate others. But this time everyone gave her a standing ovation. This was a first for me. Our group, as I’m sure many others are, is very supportive. But to see everyone do this filled me with joy.

We all recognize the struggle of gaining weight, losing weight and maintaining the balance. To see someone work hard and to accomplish their goal, the same goal that we are all working toward and then to see everyone recognize and congratulate her on all that she has done. It makes me want it that much more. =)

Motivation Day 2

I loved seeing my blog show up in my email! It was quite interesting to see how others see my blog posts when they subscribe to follow me via email.

The motivation worked too because I made it to the gym today and had a really good work out. I need to add to my distance as a whole but I’m running more and more. Meaning I am running more than I am walking. This helps my time too. Woohoo!

Today’s motivation:

Image result for motivation for working out

Today is weight day. This also means that it will be a long day. I always do a 5-10 minute cardio warm up before hitting the weights. Weights takes 30 minutes. After I will run at least a mile but really I should try for 2 miles.

Told ya it will be a long day. But I will feel so good after. So good! So no excuses today. Gotta get in there and give it my all. I’ll make Monday a lighter day. 😉

Motivation Day 1

Image result for motivation for working out

This was so very true…for the last two days actually. So when I saw this when looking for motivation to get in the gym I knew I had to use it for day 1.

That’s right. I’m going to post each day for the next 8 days with a short and sweet motivational picture or quote. I’m hoping they will help someone else as much as I hope they will help me.

In fact because I want to receive this motivation too, I started following my own blog. What?! Can you believe that I wasn’t following my own blog?? I think it’s quite similar to liking your own picture after posting on FB. Of course you like it. Why else would you post it?

With my blog, I read and reread each post before publishing. So I never thought I needed to follow it. But when I decided to start posting these bits of motivation to help with working out. I realized that receiving it via email might help me just a bit more. So there you go. I gained another follower in the process. lol

Upcoming Race

I haven’t done many races this year. I tend to do at least one a year, sometimes more. The most I have done in one year was 9. Wow! That was a busy and expensive year. lol This year I believe I have done two so far but both have been for a friend. Neither of which had I intended to run in or did I register for myself.

Next weekend I will be running in the first race that I have registered in this year.

Run Like a Girl 5k & Lil' Girls Fun Run

If all goes as planned it will be the first of 5 races before the year ends. Let’s just say I have finally gotten motivated. Strangely enough that is exactly why I am writing this post right now. Because I am not feeling motivated at all to go to the gym.

I started off strong last week. I went to the gym last Friday night, went for a lengthy walk, 5.66 miles, with a friend on Saturday and returned to the gym Sunday – Tuesday. However, I have not made it back since. Wednesday there was threat of a storm, Thursday I did not feel well and tonight I am simply being lazy.

Including tomorrow there will be 8 days prior to next weekend’s race. I am going to do my best to go to the gym every day. I love doing races but I also love doing well, for me, at races. I doubt I will ever come in first in my age group. I doubt I will ever beat all of my friends. But if I can do well for myself then I am proud of what I have accomplished. If I do not train for a race and must walk more than run because of it then I become ashamed of myself and it takes part of the fun out of it. You would think this would be motivation enough to get in and stay in the gym.

Stay in the gym. That is the real problem. I love working out. I really do. I feel so good after. I am full of energy. I love the sweat. I love the way my face is flushed after a good work out. I love seeing if I can go longer, faster or lift more. I love just about everything about it….except the getting to the gym part. This is where I need the most help. Once I get there I’m good.

Quite often I will go to the gym and do well. But only for a short period of time. Before long months will go by without me stepping foot in a gym or working out in any way. I would like for fitness to become a regular part of my life. Right now it is so temporary.

I know many of you might be right here with me. You lack the motivation as well. Many others will say just do it. You want to do it so do it.

It is as easy as that and yet at the same time it’s not. Some will know what I mean.

If any of you have any suggestions on how to get in and stay in the gym, I welcome them. I’ll keep you updated on any that I might learn of along the way.

Fingers crossed I will make it in to the gym tomorrow!