WW Recap 1 Year!

Where has April gone? Seriously? It is going to be May next week.

This year is just flying by.

Too fast it seems. Although I am glad the weather is getting warmer. So glad!

Last weekend was my one year anniversary for Weight Watchers. One year! Wow! This is the longest I have stuck with any sort of weight loss method. As I’ve said more than once, I’ve rode this weight loss roller coaster quite a few times. Usually I lose the weight and then I go back to my normal routine. This of course means that I gain the weight back. Each and every time.

This time I have managed to keep the weight off…for the most part. As you all are well aware, I have been struggling with staying on the program and have not reached Lifetime. Yet! I could have long ago. The only thing stopping me is ME! I know this. Believe me, I do.


What is keeping me going though is my WW family. Without the meetings, I probably would have given up by now and quite honestly may have gained all of the weight back. My peeps won’t let me do that. This I trust and believe. When you miss a meeting, they reach out and wonder if everything is ok. ❤ Accountability is key! Whether you keep yourself accountable (sometimes I’m very good at this, other times not so much) or you have support, either way we all need accountability.

I’ll get there. This I know. I’m hoping that the warm weather will help with this, as I get outside more.


So what have I learned in the past year? In last Sunday’s meeting, I came up with a list of 5 things. I may expand upon that today. We’ll see.

My list:

  1. I’m addicted to food. I am! I love it. I turn to it in so many occasions…stressed, happy, bored, etc. I eat and eat and eat. I know that I should stop but I don’t necessarily do it. When I’m not tracking, I often don’t do it. Thus I overeat. Thus the problem. =(
  2. Get over poor decisions quickly and get back on track. This is easier said than done. I know. But it’s true. The longer you dwell on your mistake, bad choice, poor decision (whatever you want to call it) the greater the possibility of you making more of those same decisions. The more damage you are doing aka going in the wrong direction. Thus making it longer for you to reach goal. The quicker you can accept what you’ve done and move on, the better off you will be.
  3. I am my worst critic! I am harder on myself than most people can ever think of being. This often leads to more of #1 and #2. Truth! They all feed each other. You know how “they” say, what would you tell your friend, sister, brother, child, etc? That is what you should say to yourself. Yeah, it’s so true. I’m still working on this though. Sometimes, I will go past where I should be and then be too easy on myself. Yep, hot or cold. One extreme to the other. I need help with the middle ground.
  4. Stay the course. When I’m on track, on course and working the program, I succeed. There’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it. It works! The only time I have had a gain is when I have not followed the program. Simple as that.
  5. Track Track Track I’ve said this multiple times before as well. As much as the meetings and the support are important, so is tracking. You can go to every meeting, you can have great support but if you aren’t tracking and staying within your daily and weekly points, you are not likely going to see what you hope and want to see. Tracking works!

That’s my list. These are the things that I’ve learned this year. If I were to add two more quick things, they would be you can still eat a lot and feel full while staying within your daily and weekly points. It may be a shock at first, but there are lots of options on great foods and they aren’t all boring. lol

The second is that you can do this! We all can! We just have to set our minds to it, don’t swagger and get ‘er done! 😉



WW Week 48-50


Week 49 was a good week. A fantastic week! It was much needed too!

It was the first week since last October that I had finally gotten below the 7 lb mark. That meant I was officially less than 7 lbs away from goal. 5.2 lbs to be exact! That’s all I needed to lose and I’d be at Lifetime.

Why am I talking in past tense? Yes, it was last weekend so it is technically in the past. But it’s also not true anymore. I swear, I am never going to get to Lifetime. Last week I didn’t track one bit and as usual when I don’t track, I made some very unhealthy choices.

It all started with my family’s birthday gathering. We were having breakfast items – biscuits and gravy, egg casserole and bacon. Yumm! Biscuits and gravy is seriously one of my favorite meals. I used to make it all the time. I love me some sausage gravy. On this side of the family, we also eat cocoa gravy. Oh so good! This day we were having both. Oh my!

I told myself to just eat one biscuit. I could have 1/4 cup of sausage gravy on one half and 1/4 cup of cocoa gravy on the other. I even took a measuring cup with me. I figured the biscuits and gravy part of the meal would be the highest in points. I started to pre-track. I was going to be good. I only had 5.2 lbs to go. I could do this!

And then I got there and there were 2 large plates/trays of already cooked bacon sitting out on the counter. All will power left me. My cousins fixed me a drink, a screwdriver, so many points but oh so good. I fixed myself a large plate of food and ate it all.


Then I went back for seconds of each. So bad!

The next day I met up with a couple friends for dinner. We ate at an Italian restaurant and for the most part I was ok. I chose salmon with asparagus, zucchini and mushrooms for dinner. I did have a glass of wine and ate a couple pieces of bread but overall, it wasn’t terrible.


But then I got home and wanted something sweet. I found some left over ice cream my nephew hadn’t eaten from a week or so prior and ate peanut butter out of the jar.


Not good.

While at work Tuesday, I was so so tired. I turned to candy. A lot of candy.


I did this pretty much every day for the remainder of the week.

Friday, my parents invited me over for dinner – steak and baked potato. Yumm! We usually also have corn on the cob. They didn’t have any so I offered to stop at the store and pick some up. Big mistake. I also picked up something to drink and something for dessert. The drink wasn’t so bad. But the dessert was chocolate chip cookies and vanilla bean ice cream. Can you say ice cream sandwiches?!


I don’t even need to tell you how good this was. It was probably also close to 30 points. On top of eating a much too big steak, baked potato, corn on the cob and having 3 stronger than the average drinks (I point this out because that means more points).

The next morning I had another ice cream sandwich for breakfast. BREAKFAST! I have a problem.

I did follow it up with Beer Yoga which is a pretty good work out. I have only done it twice but man have I felt it on the next day both times. Insane!


I’m not going to shame myself any more than I already have but I will say I continued to eat junk food the rest of the weekend. So much junk food!

Needless to say I am no longer only 5.2 lbs away from Lifetime. Last week alone I gained 7 lbs. That’s right, 7! This is the most I have ever gained in a single week before. The fact that I have gained and lost small amounts like this so many times now is hilarious. It no longer bothers me to have a gain like this, because I know that it will come right back off. I suppose this is a good thing. But I really do need to stop having weeks like this. To have a bad day every once in a while is one thing. But an entire week is not needed. And it is keeping me from my goal.

My goal. What exactly is my goal these days? That’s a good question. I recently saw this meme (is that what they’re called?) on FB.


This really spoke to me. I think this is why I have been where I am these last few months. It’s simple, just as I said in my last post, I’m fine with where I am. My desire to change is not greater than my desire to stay the same. Hence, why I haven’t gotten to Lifetime yet. There is one reason and one reason only why I would want to reach Lifetime at this point and it has nothing to do with my weight.

I don’t want to pay anymore!!

I’ve mentioned this a few times. I’m not sure about on here but I have said it. I can’t quit WW because the weight would come back and fast. This I know. But I don’t have a strong desire to lose another 5-10 lbs either. You would think with summer right around the corner I would, but no. It’s just not there.

I did learn today that I can see a doctor about setting a new Lifetime goal. This is a possibility for me. It sort of feels like cheating to me. So I’ll think about it a little more. I’m glad it is an option though.

In the meantime, it’s time to be on track again. I have chicken and veggies about to go in the oven and chicken tortilla soup for the crockpot tomorrow. Both are low point dishes. Let’s lose this 7 lbs…again! lol

Just for fun, here’s a picture of my nephew and I with jello Easter eggs. =) This year my family changed up the food and I was not loving the idea. However, seeing the jello Easter eggs did make me feel better. Traditions are traditions for a reason people!


WW Week 46-47 Recap

Hola! The last two weeks were quite successful. I had a loss both weeks. More so the second week with 4.6 lbs. But don’t count out my loss of .6 lbs the week before. Every little bit counts.

Why did I have such a large loss? Surely you know the answer by now. Because I tracked! I tracked and I stayed within my daily points each day. Well, each day except for Saturday. Saturday, I did go outside of my healthy point range. However, I ran a race in the morning, attended a friend’s son’s bday party and did stay within my weeklies. I was ok with stepping out of the healthy point range for a single day.

Remember, it’s important to live while losing. We have to be able to enjoy times with our friends and family. We just need to learn how to not go overboard. Such as I have been off and on the past several months. Clearly, I am still learning this. lol

Which brings us to this week. I feel this week is a crucial week for me. I am, yet again, back down to my “only 7 lbs to go” weight. I’ve been here before and always turn around and gain 5-7 lbs. The cycle has occurred too many times that I’ve lost rack. At least 3, maybe even 4 or 5.

This week is Month End at work. Remember I’m in Accounting. Month End always means long hours and usually a lot of stress. The long hours, combined with me not meal planning, often leads to me making poor food choices such as picking up fast food on the way home or ordering something unhealthy from the diner downstairs. The stress causes me to turn to chocolate a lot. The candy bowl upstairs becomes my best friend and my worst enemy. It never tells me no. lol

I do not want to go through the cycle another time. Contrary to what some might believe, I really do want to get to Lifetime. If I’m not careful, I can easily gain weight this week. Therefore, I’m being careful. This time around, I’m trying to make smart choices. I made a batch of Taco Chicken. You know when you cook chicken with salsa and taco seasoning in the slow cooker then mix in black beans and corn. It’s a yummy yummy 0-1 point meal. I also picked up some Ole flour tortillas, the ones that are 1 point each. As well as some shredded lettuce and shredded cheese. For my other meal (by now you should know that I typically prepare 2 meals each week and will eat one or the other for lunch and dinner throughout the week), I made tuna salad sandwiches to eat with a boiled egg and some fresh fruit. I was going to eat the sandwich with chips but forgot to add them to my grocery list causing me to forget to pick them up when shopping. I decided that I don’t need them. I have the points for them and I do love me some chips. But the fruit and egg are nice side dishes and combined with the sandwich will fill me up.

Both are low point meals and both are sitting at work for me. Yes, at work. Fortunately, we have multiple fridges at work and there is room for me to keep it all in one. This way my lunch is already there and so is my dinner for those late nights. I’m not sure if this is will power, not having much stress yet or because I went all of last week, except for the bday party, without sweets, but I have yet to visit the candy bowl. Woohoo!

Fingers crossed I can keep this up for the remainder of the week.

I keep telling myself that if I’m good this week, I should see a loss. Hopefully, that loss will be 2-3 lbs and I can say that I am within 5 lbs of Goal. Surely then, I will be motivated to keep going. I would have gotten past this terrible stretch of the 7 lb monster and will be so close to Goal.

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t reached Goal yet. It’s definitely not because I don’t want to. In fact, I think it’s just the opposite. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve lost 40 lbs. 40 lbs! And I have kept it off. Even with my 7 lb roller coaster the last several months, I’ve kept it off. This is huge! This shows me that I can keep the weight off this time. So many times in the past, I have not. This time I can. I’m proud of the way I look. Sure I want to get down one more size in my jeans. But I look pretty damn good in the ones I have on now. It makes me not so much in a hurry to lose that last little bit. I’m ok where I am.

When you first start losing, you have so much that you want to lose. When you start seeing results, you are eager to see more. It’s like you are becoming a new person. I felt it. I feel it now. I don’t think I’m the same person I was 40 lbs ago. I look different. I feel different. I can do so much more physically. I’m in a better place mentally. I love the new me. And I don’t foresee that much of a change after losing another 7 lbs and reaching Lifetime.

In a way, I already feel like I’m there. =)

ChickLits Book Club – January

This year is starting off great! The January book is most definitely the book to beat for me in 2018. Too soon to say? I don’t know. It was a pretty damn good book!

Have you ever heard of the genre psychological thriller? Neither had I. So far this year, I have read 3 that are in this category and I love them! Who knows if I’ve read any in the past. Probably have and just never realized it. I know now.

So what is a psychological thriller? It’s “a suspenseful book emphasizing the psychology of its characters rather than its plot; this sub-genre of thriller. In a psychological thriller, the characters are exposed to danger on a mental level rather than a physical one.”

An example of this type of book that you might recognize is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Though I admit I have not read this book, I know many have and loved it. I can see why. Psychological thriller’s keep you on the edge of your seat. They are the type of book that you want to read all in one sitting. You just keep turning the next page until you don’t realize hours have gone by but you don’t care because the book was just so good. =)

Now that you have an idea what a psychological thriller is, want to know what the January book is? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. January’s book was The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello.

The Memory Box

“A psychological thriller page-turner with twists and turns until the very last page.


In this gripping psychological thriller, Caroline Thompson Googles herself and discovers the shocking details of a past she doesn’t remember.

A fast-paced suspense where a group of privileged suburban moms amuses themselves by Googling everyone in town, digging up dirt to fuel thorny gossip. Caroline Thompson, devoted mother of two, sticks to the moral high ground and attempts to avoid these women. She’s relieved to hear her name appears only three times, citing her philanthropy. Despite being grateful that she has nothing to hide, a delayed pang of insecurity prods Caroline to Google her maiden name–which none of the others know.

The hits cascade like a tsunami. Caroline’s terrified by what she reads. An obituary for her sister, JD? That’s absurd. With every click, the revelations grow more alarming. They can’t be right. She’d know. Caroline is hurled into a state of paranoia–upending her blissful family life–desperate to prove these allegations false before someone discovers they’re true.

The disturbing underpinnings of The Memory Box expose a story of deceit, misconceptions, and an obsession for control. With its twists, taut pacing, and psychological tenor, Natiello’s page turning suspense cautions: Be careful what you search for.”


Has it got your attention yet? I sure hope so!  This book was not only good but I believe it triggered one of the best book club meetings we’ve had since I joined. Each person had their own interpretation of how the events took place. Some, after listening to others speak their opinions, even switched sides or saw parts of the book in a new light. Next to last year’s “Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bon’s”, this has been my favorite book thus far.

Recommendation: I highly recommend that you all read this book. As in now, go get it today and read it over the weekend. I’ll be waiting to hear what you thought on Monday. 😉

WW Week 45 Recap

Remember yesterday I had told you that this last week included long hours at work? This led to me making poor food choices. Yeah, it showed at the scale. I knew I was going to have a gain and I wasn’t too concerned. For once. I’ve done this yo yo thing more than a few times to know that the weight will turn around and come off. However, I wasn’t quite expecting the gain that I had. Are you ready for this? 6.2 lbs! In one week!


It’s time to reign it in again. But not today. lol No, not today.

Today, I am meeting up with friends for some free bingo at Boulevard Brewing Company for a friend’s birthday. Food, drinks and lots of fun with good friends.

Like I said though, I’m not worried. I’ll get back on track, again, tomorrow. Expect to see a big weight loss next week. =)

Part of why I’m not worried is this.


Look at that. This picture shows all the hard work that I’ve done in the past 10 months. I’m not quite where I want to be but I am so proud of how far I have come!


With losing weight, there are obviously benefits along the way. One benefit was realized yesterday. My sister and I tried Beer Yoga. First off, it was so much fun!


Back in July, I tried yoga at Nelson Atkins. Well, on the lawn in front of Nelson Atkins. It was ok. I liked part of it but haven’t done it since. This time around though, I loved it! So much that my sister and I have already signed up for next month’s session.

Part of why I loved it so much is because it was much easier. Of course, the instructor was not the same. I am not experienced enough to know if this session was not quite as difficult as the one back in July. But I do know that I am more flexible. Though I felt the various moves, I felt I was at least able to do them. I was able to follow along. I was able to hold the pose. For the most part. I definitely need to work on my balance. Those poses were more challenging for me.  Overall though, it was a great experience!


Now I’m off to meet up with friends. Have a good week everyone!

WW Week 44-ish Recap

Sorry about last week ya’ll!

I unexpectedly got invited to hang out with one of my dear friend’s and her husband. Free Bingo at Boulevard Brewing Company. Oh yeah! I then decided to continue hanging out with them the rest of the day. Good quality time but it meant that I got nothing done. lol

Oh well. It’s good to have days like that every once in a while.

I will admit that I did go for a short run (1 mile) around their neighborhood. Not bad. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the gym as planned. I was already in my gym clothes so I said just do it. And I did!

So I’ve learned a few things about myself over the last few weeks. To say learn is a little of a stretch. I’ve already been aware of these things but they are hitting home a little more now.

The first thing is that I turn to sweets during two specific times of the month. The first one (sorry guys!) I’m sure you can guess without me going in to too much detail. The second is when we are closing our period or Month End at work. It’s a stressful time because there is a lot to be done in a short span of time. This Month End was even more so because we are short handed. I’ve been trying to step up as much as I can which has led to several late nights. I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed taking on new responsibilities and learning new things. There’s just been some long days.

How does this affect my weight? I turn to chocolate during the day. Not just a piece or two but more like 10. Yes. Yes, I do. Also, I don’t plan in advance and take my dinner in with me. Which means I’m eating late at night and making not so healthy choices.

These are both things that I can learn from and improve on.  I think next Month End I will prepare dinner on Sunday that I can take in on Monday. It will then be there for me all week. Fortunately, we have multiple fridges at work so this shouldn’t be an issue with my coworkers. This way I will have a healthy meal and still eat at a normal time. It might be nice to take a few minute break as well. Secondly, I’m going to make sure I have more fruit or at least healthier snack options to choose from during this time period. Maybe then I’ll stay away from the candy bowl.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t been drinking as much water. I can literally go all day and not drink anything or drink less than 10 oz of water. I know! It’s terrible! I find that I drink more water when I’m tracking it in the habit tracker in my bullet journal. However, when I’m working late hours and have a busy weekend, I am not working in my bullet journal as much. In fact, I’ve hardly been in my bullet journal for the last couple weeks. I kinda miss it and am hoping I can work in it later today.

The last thing I’m becoming more and more aware of is how when I’m not tracking what I eat, I take full advantage of this and eat everything I can. I need to work on this one. But it’s not easy. Not for me at least.

I’m keeping this short because I wanted to get a post in while I was thinking about it. However, I must go. My sister and I are doing Beer Yoga today. Who knew there was such a thing! I want to get a work out in before hand. If I’m going to have time, I must go. Now!

I realize I didn’t put any numbers in here. That’s because I don’t weigh in until tomorrow. I’ll try my best to post again then.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!

WW Week 43 Recap

I’m going to try my best to keep this short. I know that’s hard for me. lol If you read my posts on a regular basis, you know that I like to talk err…write. You know what I mean!

This week was a very successful week. I’ll take it after the previous two weeks. Also, it feels good after making healthy food choices and exercising every day to see it pay off when you weigh in.

So two weeks ago I had a gain of 2 lbs. The week after that, last week, I had another gain but this time only 1.4 lbs. This week, I had a loss of 4.4 lbs!


My nice weight loss followed up what was already a good weekend. Saturday was my second race of the year. This was sort of a redemption race for me. I’ve had a couple really. I need to do what I want to do rather than succumbing to those around me. I’m not sure that’s fair. I’m not really pressured. I make the choice myself but then regret it later.

You see, I did this same race last year. I was terrible at it. I don’t know why but I hurt, I walked more than I ran and was flat out embarrassed it took me as long as it did. This area of town is know as the flattest courses there are. Flat should mean that you’ll have a good time. There are no hills to climb slowing you down or tiring you out. (Although hills can sometimes be good because usually you also get to run down them. Anywho.)

I had a similar race in the same neighborhood, but not necessarily the same course, last December. That race was supposed to be my redemption race. It was my 5th race in 5 months. I had just had one of my best times to date the month before. I was ready. I was going to prove that I could do it.

I didn’t prove anything.

I ended up walking the race because everyone else I was there with walked it. There were several reasons we all chose to walk, mostly medical. Mine was that I didn’t want to run it alone. I didn’t want to miss out on what might have been said in my absence. I wanted to stay with my friends.

My choice. No one pressured me.

It’s all good though. I just signed up for the same race I did so poorly at last year, Cupid Run, and gave it a go again. This was really my redemption race. And I did fantastic!


I had been preparing for this race since February 1st. I ran every single day, except for one, getting myself ready. To date my fastest 5K was 36 minutes and 51 seconds. Yesterday, my time was drum roll please………35 minutes and 57 seconds! Almost a full minute faster!!!


A new personal record!!!!!


Can you tell that I’m happy?!


To have such an amazing time on Saturday and to follow it up with a 4.4 lb loss this morning, this weekend has been fantastic!!


I won’t be having another race next weekend and I doubt I can pull off another high loss two weeks in a row. But here’s hoping for another wonderful week!!