Just A Little Poem

Ever hopeful,

                  filled with dreams,

               bright new,


                          hopeful schemes,

      pastel shades

                                and Wedgwood skies,

first light

       of loving

                      in your eyes,

    soon to dim

                                and then you flee,

                             leaving me


                                            with me,

           the things I fear,

                        the things you said

                        burning rivers

                               in my head,

           bereft of all

                         we shared,

my soul

       so old,

                     so young,

                          so bare,

          afraid of you,

     of me,

           of life,

                        of men…


                           the bright new


                                           begin again,

                  the landscape never

                           quite the same,


                           a different game,

         aware at last

                         of what I know,

                       and think,

                           and am,

                                      and feel,

          the gift of love





                     – Danielle Steel

This beautiful poem is at the beginning of a novel called Loving by Miss Danielle Steel. This book is special to me because it is where my mother found my name. You see the main character’s name is Bettina. She happened to be reading the book while pregnant with me, saw the name and fell in love. I am so fortunate that she did too. I happen to LOVE my name. =)

I honestly don’t think I would be who I am had my name been Sarah or Lisa. Nothing against those names but they just aren’t Bettina. So thank you Mom! You couldn’t have picked a better name for me!!


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