St. Patrick’s Day Run 2014

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!!

I am one of the few people who still make New Year’s Resolutions. One of my resolutions last year was to run in 3 races. I am happy to say that I was successful. I then decided to run the same 3 from last year and added on 3 more. (I’ll post a list of all of my New Year’s Resolutions another time. Promise!)

What have I gotten myself into?!

I’m not a runner. I’m not. Really!

It gives me great satisfaction to finish a race, it is a lot of fun and let’s be honest…I love getting that finisher’s medal when I cross the finish line. I’m starting to get a little bit of a collection. =)

So what am I getting at with all of this? My first race of the year was yesterday…Westport’s St. Patrick’s Day Run 2014.


My friend Jenny and her family joined me. Here she is now. Hi Jenny!


And this is her beautiful little girl C. =)


They were wearing matching tutus. How cute!

I know I have a picture of she and I together. Where is it? Oh there it is…


We aren’t the only ones out here. Look at all of these people.


It took awhile for the race to start. We were way back in the stroller section. We passed the time though by taking selfies. Good one Jenny! =)


Oh! Oh! It’s starting! It’s starting! Here we go!


I didn’t take any pictures while running the race but I will share a couple of fun tidbits. Shortly after starting there were some people on the side of the race with green jello shots. I couldn’t help myself…St. Patrick’s Day and all…I stopped and had me one.  =)

This was a 4 mile race and just after mile 3 there were some more people passing out green beer. Yep! I stopped again. lol

Don’t worry I finished. We all did!


See our lovely, festive necklaces. I know. You are wondering where is my finishing medal? It’s coming. Soon hopefully. I guess they were coming from overseas and are being held up in Customs. I’ll post a picture once I get it.

So here are my results. Keep in mind, as I’ve stated, I am not a runner. I do this more for fun.

Course Time – 58 minutes 46 seconds          Pace – 14 minutes 42 seconds per mile

I have decided that this is going to be my time to beat for next year! You bet ya…I’ve added it to my list of annual races. =)

Oh look at those bagpipes!


And these lovely people. How fun!


I love St. Patrick’s Day!!


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