Exercising…starting over…again

I knew it had been awhile since last posting but I hadn’t realized it had been 2 1/2 weeks.


Time has seriously gotten away from me this month.

Just so you know I have made a few recipes, some with pictures and some without, that I will be posting soon. I’ll try to do my best to get one up this weekend.

This post, however, is about working out. We all try it. Some a little more often than others. Most, I think, are similar to myself. I start working out, even do good for a little while but then I just stop. Months will go by. Yes months. And then I start up all over again.

This cycle repeats itself over and over again.

Last Saturday I started it up again once more. You see I have the 2nd race of the year…Warrior Dash…coming up this Saturday. Yet again, I have waited until the last minute to train.

Eek! Why do I do this to myself??

So 1 week before the race I decide to finally get off my butt and start doing something.

I’ve done good I think. I’ll admit the first time I ran I barely ran 1/2 a mile.

How am I going to do 3 miles and 10-15 obstacles Saturday if I can’t even run a mile? This is what I kept thinking to myself.

So I went back Sunday and again Monday and again Wednesday. Each day I was gradually going longer and longer.

Yesterday I had worked myself up to 2 miles. Woohoo! Granted I still am not running the 2 miles straight. I did a run 2 minute walk 1 minute combo but used an app on my phone to keep track of only the running portion and pushed myself until 2 miles was completed.

I have to say I liked the timer that I used. I was able to set it to 10 sets of 2 minutes in length (running) and 1 minute as a rest (walking). I found that it really pushed me to keep going. Though I did have to change the running portion to 1 minute. Still it pushed me. And I need that.

Here is what the timer looks like.


My Dad bought it for me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I think it was only $15 or so. Don’t quote me though.

So in 2 days I have Warrior Dash. Yes I will post pictures and my results on here, hopefully the next day. The next race of the year is only 1 short month later. My hope is to not let this wave of exercise motivation die and to continue it until the 3rd race, The Color Run, May 31st.

Fingers crossed. Besides I have last year’s time to beat…40-42 minutes. (I need to look that up actually.)

Tell me what you do to keep motivated.



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