Warrior Dash 2014


Second race of the year done. =)

This was my 3rd time competing in Warrior Dash. Let me give you a little history…my history that is.

I first learned of Warrior Dash 3 days after my birthday 3 years ago. Unfortunately I learned of it a little too late. You see it was happening over the weekend of my birthday. One of my coworkers had signed up to do it with his friends. I heard him talking about it but didn’t quite know what it was until after he ran in it. I did a little google search, found some youtube videos and fell in love.

So the next year, 2012, I signed up along with my sister Lori and friend Erica and gave it a go around.

Warrior Dash 2012 1

Erica, myself and Lori Warrior Dash 2012


It was so much fun I decided to run it every year.

Warrior Dash 2012 2

My sister and I walked most of the course. The hills killed me and she hadn’t really prepared herself for the race. Our time was 1 hour 13 minutes.

Oh did I tell you that you get a free beer when you finish? Yep! You sure do!! =)

Warrior Dash 2012 3

The following year, 2013, I ran Warrior Dash for the 2nd time. This time with 2 of my friends, Jessica and Sarah.

Warrior Dash 2013 1

Sarah, Jessica and me Warrior Dash 2013


I ran quite a bit more than the year before and bested my time by 10 minutes.

Warrior Dash 2013 2

Not bad. Not bad. But I can do better.

Warrior Dash 2013 3

2 weekends ago was Warrior Dash 2014!


Always gotta get my before picture!


This was the year that I was finally going to beat an hour. Or so I thought. =(

I was solo this year. Not the plan. But it happens.

I really didn’t want to run alone so I joined up with a couple of guys. They were so nice.

We finished!

We finished!


But we slowed each other down in different ways. They walked the entire course which meant I walked the entire course. Not what I had planned but the company was greatly appreciated. And they waited patiently for me at each obstacle. Yep, that’s how I slowed them down. Some of the obstacles I could breeze right through but others it took me a minute or two.


Anyways, our time ended up being 1 hour 13 minutes.

So I didn’t beat my hour goal. I had fun none the less.

I’ll beat it next year! 😉

Here are a few pictures of me actually on 2 of the obstacles. This first one was of me going down the slide.


As you can tell it scared me just a little bit. lol

This one just so happens to be one of my favorite pictures for this year’s Warrior Dash. I was climbing one of their many walls.


Ok that is all…for now.  More pictures to come next week. =)


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