My Boys Are Growing Up!!

One of my boys got married this weekend!


I say my boys but let me explain. I do not have any children. Let alone any that would be old enough to be getting married. My “boys” consist of my 2 younger brothers, Cody and Nick, and their 2 best friends, Dallas and Kyle. They have been best friends most of their life. I love that after all these years they have remained so close.

10 years ago the boys’ mother, my step mother, died. My Dad worked long hours at the time and they needed someone there to help pick them up from school, take them to practice (between the 2 of them they were involved in just about every sport there is), cook their dinner, help with their homework and make sure they got to bed on time. I was able to step in and help out. Though there is an 8 1/2 year age difference between them and myself, this created a bond between us that I am so very fortunate to have. It also created a bond between myself and 2 of their best friends. In fact I have known all 4 boys for the same amount of time. Pretty awesome!

Nick, Dallas, Cody and Kyle

Nick, Dallas, Cody and Kyle

But now they are all grown up. I was going to say growing but I must be honest with myself. They are all 23 now. They are grown men starting a life for themselves.

This is inevitable. I realize this. But still…

They’ve all graduated from college and are moving on with their lives. Nick is in the Police Academy and will graduate early August. Cody is continuing his education and attending grad school this Fall. Kyle technically still has a few months before he graduates but only great things will come to him. And Dallas, well, Dallas got married this weekend!


I know it’s not the best picture quality but it all happened so fast. =)


He is the first of the four to do this.

It was a beautiful wedding and his new wife was absolutely gorgeous in her dress.


I loved seeing them all together again.

In fact I think the last time that I saw them all in one place was 2 years ago when I took my brothers to Vegas. I wanted to make their 21st birthday special and I’m glad to say that I succeeded. Kyle and Dallas joined us making it a weekend none of us will ever forget. =)

Vegas 2012 - My treat for the boys' 21st bday. Yep I'm an awesome big sister!

Vegas 2012 – My treat for the boys’ 21st bday. Yep I’m an awesome big sister!


I wish all of these boys much happiness as their future unfolds and I can’t wait to see it all happen!


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