Color Run 2014

I am well on my way to meeting my race goal of 6 races. =)

Race 3 was yesterday: Color Run!


My friend Jenny and I before the race. Note how clean we are.


She has been doing a race just about every weekend. Wowza!

Let’s get this thing started.


I finished!


Nothing looks better than the finish line when you are running a race. lol


This is what you get to see as you are coming to the end. Isn’t it fun?!


This just happens to be one of my favorite pictures. I love the blue sky above the FINISH.


Jenny finished way, way before me but was waiting for me at the finish line so that we could take pictures.


Jenny’s husband was nice enough to take pictures of me participating in the Color Throw.


So much fun!

Color Run 2014

Color Run 2014

I’m hoping to make a tradition of doing this race. And of taking this picture. Here is last year’s picture.

Color Run 2013

Color Run 2013

After getting home and removing all the color and the tattoos I was left with a little surprise. =)


3 races down, 3 more to go. I can do this! =)


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