Rugged Maniac 2014

I’ve officially completed 5 races this year. Woohoo!

The 4th one was a walking one that I did with my sister and cousin. I just realized that I didn’t blog about it. My bad. Here are a few pictures to give you all a taste. The race was Glow Foam 5K.

But that is not what this post is about. Today we are talking about RUGGED MANIAC! This is the hardest race I have done to date. I mean wowza! I’m not a very strong runner to begin with. I do all these races because I find them fun and get a great sense of accomplishment once I cross that finish line. This race though, this race took everything I had in me to finish.

Have any of you heard of Snow Creek? I had but I had never actually been there before. Snow Creek is a ski slope just a little north of where I live. I first learned about it a few years ago and have thought of going. As with so many other things in life though that day has not come. Well not in the way I thought it would at least. Because truth me told I have been there…now. But I went up and down the ski slope in a much different way than is intended. Maybe this winter I’ll go there when there is snow on the ground.

You see part of what makes this race so challenging is the hill err…mountain they have you climb over and over. You start off by running, at one point I was crawling on all fours simply because it was easier than running, from the bottom to the top. But of course if you go up you must come down. And then back up and back down and up again and of course down again. You get the drift.

This is what I’m talking about.

Look at that thing! You can’t even see the top of it. When we, my sister, her friend and myself, got to the top of what you see in these pictures we thought we had made it. We soon learned that we weren’t done. At the top it curves behind the trees and continues up. This is the part that got the steepest. This is also when I started using my hands to help me up. My calves were burning!

By the way here is the picture of us before the race.


Rugged Maniac 2014: Me, Erica (my friend), Lori (my sister) and Megan (my sister’s friend)

So the race wasn’t just about running up steep hills. There were also several obstacles we had to go through. Now I’ve done Warrior Dash 3 times but it doesn’t even compare to Rugged. Yes they are both 5K’s and yes they both have obstacles but… Rugged has much steeper hills to climb and twice as many obstacles. I mean pretty much the whole race is on the hill. If you aren’t going up then you are going down. You would think that coming back down when be easier and I suppose it is. But that doesn’t make it easy. Not at all. Then there are the obstacles. Warrior Dash has approximately 12 obstacles, Rugged has 25.

And the obstacles at Rugged were much more challenging.

Thanks to my dad I can share some of the obstacles with you. He came to watch my sister and I as we set about this race. Of course he thinks we’re crazy for doing things like this but he was supportive. Love him for that! Anyways here are some pictures of a few of the obstacles he was able to observe as a spectator.

The one where you see the people in muddy water and then crawling under the barbed wire. That one was, in mine and my sister’s opinion, the most challenging of all the obstacles. You started out by sliding down the black tube in to muddy water. No biggie. Then you sort of swim through the water making sure to stay low enough that the barbed wire doesn’t get you. Up to this point it’s fine. I’ve down this several times with Warrior Dash. But then the water goes away and you are left army crawling in mud and rocks until you get to the black tubes and must pull yourself back up.  There is a rope to help you along but it is all arm strength. At one point I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull myself up. I mustered up all the strength I possibly could and somehow I made it. Honestly it felt surreal there for a minute. I couldn’t tell what was going on around me. All I was focused on was pulling myself up and out of that black tube. I’m telling you it was the most challenging thing I have done to date…in a race. Let’s make that clear. Life in general has it’s own set of challenges. But that’s another story.

Between Dad and the photographers at Rugged here are some of the pictures that I’m in. Beware they aren’t necessarily pretty.

They really liked the fire logs. I did not. Although in one of the pictures I did get some great air. I’m a bird. Ca-caw Ca-Caw

My favorite picture is the one of my sister and I after we crossed the finish line. We were so happy to be done.


By the way that’s my dad in the background with the jeans and white shirt. Hello Dad! Notice he isn’t paying attention to us anymore. lol It’s ok though he took several pictures of us and even a video. Again love him!

The 4 of us after the race.


My friend Erica is in much better shape than all of us and finished in 1 hour 10 minutes. My sister, Megan and myself took a little longer, ok a lot longer. We finished in 1 hour 50 minutes. Lori and I swear to beat our times next year.

Yes, I’m going to do it again. The greater the challenge the better the reward uh satisfaction. =)

P.S. Day 5!


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