Bennett Springs, oh Bennett Springs!

For as long as I can remember my family has had our family reunion at Bennett Springs. We have changed shelters over the years but every year that is where we go.

When I was younger we were at one shelter that had what my sister, cousins and I called the “castle”. I hadn’t seen it in years but as we were leaving this year one of my cousins drove us over there. It was so good to see it. Though it was much smaller than I remember. But the memories it brought back. Makes me smile.


It almost looks like our old little castle is smiling at us too. See. =)


If you aren’t aware, Bennett Springs is mainly a fishing community. Lots and lots of fishermen. The water though. The water is what gets me. Especially in one spot. Which just so happens to be by our old shelter and castle. =)

Look at that deep blue green color. Isn’t it beautiful? I say yes. =)

Here’s a few other pictures that I took.

There is so much more to see at Bennett Springs. I’ll try to take more pictures next year.

Hope you have enjoyed! Until next time!


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