My Baby Girl Angel

This little girl right here is my life.


I know. She’s a dog.

But I don’t have a child of my own. No she is not a substitute. She is a valued member of my family though.

Isn’t she so cute sleeping on her dog bed? Yes!


Angel has been a part of our family since she was a puppy…13 1/2 years ago.

I wish I had pictures of her when we first brought her home. Unfortunately, I don’t.

She started out as the family dog. However, when my brothers went away to college she came to live with me. That was 5 years ago.

Let’s just say she isn’t the family dog anymore. She’s my baby now!


Look at her trying to prevent me from being on the computer. lol

This next picture is my absolute favorite of her!

Angel 1

She looks like she is smiling. =)

This one is just fun.

Angel 2

My pretty girl. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Do you have a family pet or maybe a childhood pet that holds a special place in your heart? If you do, please share pictures.


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