Broadway Bridge Run 2014

I did it!

I ran my first 10k!!

Oh I am so proud of myself.

So this race makes the 6th one of the year. You know what that means. I’ve reached my goal! Two of them actually. Woohoo. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to run in 6 races this year. However, I also wanted to push myself by making one of those races a 10k.

Even though the goals have been met I’m not done…there are still 3 more races to go. In fact the next one is this weekend. You see my sister and I signed up for the Heartland 30k Series which consists of 3 10k’s, 3 weekends in a row. Hence the 30K. The Broadway Bridge Run was the first race of the series.

The race took place in front of the Sprint Center.

The closest I have been to the Sprint Center was at this race. I have yet  to step foot inside. One day…

Below is a picture of my sister and I before the race.


My personal goal was to run approximately 4 miles this race. I knew I wasn’t ready to run the full 6 miles. By the third one I will be. At least that’s the plan. =)

So Lori and I decided we would do a run/walk combo.


This meant I was able to take pictures during the race.

Coming up on the star of the show…THE BROADWAY BRIDGE! I was most excited to run this section of the race. It was so beautiful. We wanted to run all the way across so I didn’t get any pictures…the first time. But don’t you fret. I took pictures on the way back.


For the first time ever I was not running a 5k. That meant I got to turn right with all the other runners. Awesome! So I’m all psyched. I’m finally running a 10k. I can’t believe I am actually doing this. Then when we came up to the next set of signs I became a little sad. I know I’m not a strong runner but I really want to give a half marathon a try. Maybe next year.

Here you go! I told you I had a picture of the Broadway Bridge.


Half way point. Woohoo!


One of my favorite memories of the race, other than crossing that finish line, was the view we had when crossing the bridge. I have driven across this bridge so many times but never have I paid attention to the views. My loss.


At this point we are getting close to the end. I believe this picture was taken just before the 5th mile marker.

I just love the buildings in the background. If only I hadn’t gotten my finger in the way. lol


We did it! Such a huge accomplishment for both of us.


Our final time was 1 hour 34 minutes 10 seconds. I told you we are slow. But does that really matter?  Our goal was not to beat everyone but to just do it. That is what we did. =)

Next up is the Plaza 10K. Can’t wait!


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