Freezer Meals

I made beef enchiladas last night for dinner and they were so good. In fact they have been the best ones I have made to date. =) I wasn’t thinking of making a blog post of them at the time but I wish I had. They were that good. Next time I’ll try to take some pictures and put a recipe on here. These enchiladas are one of my stand by recipes. So I’m sure it won’t be long before I make them again.

As I was making them though it got me to thinking. I’m a single gal and I like to cook. Always have. However, almost any meal that I make gives me lots of leftovers. For the most part this is ok with me. I cook once a week, maybe twice, and I have a good, homemade meal waiting for me after work each day. It literally takes minutes to warm up and then it’s dinner time. Who wouldn’t like that right? But there are those few weeks where I get tired of eating the same meal 5 days in a row. Like I said this doesn’t happen often. But it has before and I’m sure it will again.

So as I’m making my yummy beef enchiladas last night I thought to myself why not make the filling ahead of time and freeze in individual portions. Then when I’m in the mood for enchiladas I can pull a portion from the freezer, let it thaw in the fridge while I’m at work and it’s waiting for me to roll up and bake when I get home. I only eat 2 enchiladas a serving. It would take seconds to roll up 2 enchiladas. I can do this!

I realize this isn’t anything new. There are lots of people who prepare meals to freeze and pull out later. I remember doing this myself once, many years ago. I was in the mood to cook and cook I did. I made 3 full meals. Two of these meals were soups…White Chicken Chili and Ultimate Potato Soup. I also made meatloaf for the first time that day. The soups went in to the freezer and the meatloaf I ate on over the new few days. So this concept isn’t exactly new to me. But it isn’t something that I do on a regular basis. Though it should be!

I have the idea. Now I need to put it in to practice. I don’t know when I’ll do this but hopefully soon. I’d like to make a batch of both my beef and my chicken enchilada filling. That way I have options. Options are good. I’m also thinking why not make a batch of chili. Chili sounds so good this time of year. I almost made chili over the beef enchiladas last night. I’ve been craving it for a few days now. They may just be on the menu next week.

Hopefully soon I’ll make a weekend of doing this. Freezer meals here I come! =)


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