Angel Took Me For A Walk Today =)

I’ve noticed that my little girl has put on some weight lately. I also feel guilty because I don’t take her on near enough walks. Sure we go outside several times a day so that she can do her…uh…business. But as soon as she is done it’s back inside we go.

Her weight combined with my guilt led to this afternoon.

We went on a walk.

A long walk.

A 2 mile walk actually.

Poor little girl. She crashed within minutes of getting home.


Doesn’t she look peaceful though. Love her. =)

The trail that we walked on was at a local park a few miles away from me. Happy Rock Park


A friend of mine introduced this trail to me last Spring. I fell in love with it and have introduced the trail to so many other people. No one has ever been disappointed.


I’ve been on this trail many times but never have I taken pictures. So today I did.

I took lots of pictures!

Thought I would share them with you. Be prepared though, there are a lot of them.

I probably should have just picked a few rather than putting them all up here. But that has never been my strong suite.

Hope you enjoyed!


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