Happy New Year!!

It’s a new year. With a new year, 3 Pink Chairs has a new look.

Too much pink?

Never. =)

How was everyone’s 2014? I have to say mine had its ups and downs…like with most everything…but overall it was a pretty good year.

I reconnected with an old friend, Lindsay, and even brought in the new year with her and her family.

We’ve been friends since we were kids but took a few years off until 2014. A lot to catch up on in both of our lives but we’ve enjoyed sharing it with each other. =)

I kept my every 2 year tradition of going on vacation. This year I traveled down to Savannah, GA to visit with one of my dear friends, Maxine, and her family.


She moved down there about a year before. =( It’s just not the same with her not being close but she is loving Savannah. I agree! It’s a beautiful city. Actually beautiful doesn’t quite fit. Unbelievably gorgeous is more like it.

We had such a good time and Max was a great tour guide. We took a trolley tour around the Historic Downtown, rode bikes on the beaches of Hilton Head Island and played in the sand on Tybee Island.

My sister and I are even talking about doing a girls weekend next year and running across this bridge for the Savannah River Bridge Run. It’s 1.3 miles long (I think) and you can run in a 5K, 10K or both. They call this one the double pump. We are considering pushing ourselves and going for the double pump. Go big or go home, right?!


Oh and I took the train down to Savannah. The trip took 3 trains and 2 nights. What an experience!


The first day/train was my favorite. It went from KC to Chicago. What made it so memorable was the Observation Car. This section of the train had many, many windows to look out. I probably spent 95% of my time there. Unfortunately the other 2 trains didn’t have this same car. Though the dining car was still fun on the second train, it just didn’t compare to that first one.

This was my first experience riding on the train. It is something I will definitely do again. In fact I hope to do so this summer. Only time will tell.

I don’t feel as if too much has changed throughout the year. The biggest change would be my job. Just after Thanksgiving I started with a new company. It’s only been about a month but so far so good. Much less stressful and lots to look forward to. =)

My nephew just keeps growing and growing. I can’t believe he will be 4 this year. Such a little man he is turning in to.

In fact he had his first haircut last October and boy did that hair cut transform him from a toddler to a little man. I’ll admit I had been harping on my sister for over a year to get his hair cut. However, as soon as we got in the car once it was done I was the first to say that I missed his curls. He is handsome though.

Last year I listed all of my New Year’s Resolutions. For 2015 I’ve decided to only list those that relate to 3PC. So here we go:

In 2014 I committed myself to 6 races and ended up doing 8. I am shortening my list for 2015 and choosing only those that mean the most to me. I’ve done Warrior Dash 3 years now and do not wish to remove it from my list, alas it has made the cut. I would also like to give Rugged Maniac another shot and see if I can beat my time. One of my favorite races to date has been the KC Zoo Run. I skipped it last year but it is returning to my list this year. The last 2 are both 10K’s. I really enjoyed the Broadway Bridge Run and cannot wait to run it again. The last to make the list is the Plaza 10K. Since walking it last year I would very much like to redeem myself. If my sis and I make the trip to Savannah that will make 6. But we’ll see.

Why this relates to 3PC is because of course I’ll post about each race and time leading up to each. I look forward to running in these each year and love to share them with those around me.

I’ve also picked out 12 restaurants around the Kansas City area to try throughout the year. Some I have known about for years and have yet to try. Others I am just now learning of. My hope is to try a new one each month. I will then share each experience with you. For those of you who are in or around Kansas City maybe one will be a restaurant you also like to visit. If so, please do share your experience with me. I’d love to hear what you think.

First up: The Novel

The Novel

or Westport Flea Market

Westport Flea Market

I can’t decide which one. I guess it’ll be a surprise.

I’m taking 2015 serious in the 3PC world. I have already planned out a good portion of the recipes I want to share with you. A few I have made time and again and cannot wait to make again. Others are new recipes but classics none the less. I do have one goal though. Make that two. One thing that I do not feel I am good at making is cookies. In 2015 I hope to change that. Also, I’ve wanted to try making a carrot cake from scratch for several years now. This year I am going to finally follow through.

I know that I will have a good time cooking all of these delightful dishes and I hope that you will as well.

So goodbye 2014 and hello 2015 and to all it will bring. =)


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