30 in 30

So I’ve been on this health kick lately. One that I am enjoying quite a bit. Certain aspects of it more than others. One thing that I am loving is going for walks. I try to go on a walk as often as I can. I push myself to go farther and farther or to walk a faster and faster.

Walking image

Last month I set a goal to walk 50 miles in one month. It wasn’t long before I realized I had overshot…big time. Since I like to do my walks outside, the weather becomes a factor. We had a lot of rain last month and many other days that didn’t quite put you in the mood like a beautiful sunny day does.

About mid-month it was clear that I was not going to make my 50 mile goal. Rather than just ditching my plan, I adjusted it. I think at that point I had already walked 8 miles. So I decided to change my 5 to a 2 and walk 20 miles instead.


20 miles seemed much more attainable. It was also a great starting point for this month’s goal (be patient…I’m getting there). I ended up closing out the month with 25.68 miles under my belt. Not bad in my opinion.


I played around with what to set as a goal for this month. I could try for 30 but that seemed too easy. I was so close to that the month prior and that was with funky weather days. I could try for 50 again but that still seemed like a stretch. I decided on 30 in 30.

What exactly is 30 in 30? Well I wanted to challenge myself more than just walking 30 miles in 30 days. Essentially that is what I will be doing BUT I will be walking at least 1 mile each of those 30 days. 30 in 30!

Today is Day 3 and I’m off to a good start. I’m not limiting myself to walking just 1 mile but instead AT LEAST 1 mile. So far I have walked just shy of 6 miles. Yay!


Now I challenge you to walk your own 30 in 30. Don’t worry that today is the 3rd day of the month. Pick a day and start. Whether it’s today, tomorrow or week down the road, just START!

i want to walk

Even if you don’t finish the full 30 look at how much you will accomplish. Trust me you are going to fall in love with walking as much as I have.

Each walk is like an adventure. Where will this road take me? Oh, look at that house. Those flowers are so pretty! This is a peaceful neighborhood. Man, that was a killer hill.

you can do it

Each day you will find yourself going just a littler further, just a few more minutes, just one more block, just one more mile (Yes! Just one more mile!), etc…

Walking as so many benefits for your health too. It gives you so much energy. It makes you happy. The fresh air (if you’re outside) does wonders for you especially if you sit behind a desk all day. The sun is good for your skin. IT BURNS CALORIES! It builds muscles in your legs. It tones your whole body. I can go on and on but you get the point. Walking is awesome!

Walk for Health

Who’s going to join me in this challenge? I dare you not to fall in love walking.

Don’t forget to let me know how you all did. I can’t wait to hear how far you traveled. =)




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