30 Day Full Body Challenge

Now that my June 30 in 30 Challenge is over, I need a new challenge for July.

The one I chose is what I consider to be a full body work out.

30 Day Full Body Challenge

I first came across this challenge back in February and decided to give it a go starting March 1st. I was quite successful  and made it to Day 9. I was loving it too. I thought I could tell a little something happening in my abs. I was having more pep to my step. All was good!

Then it went down hill.

That is putting it lightly. It’s more like I fell off a cliff. I just stopped all together.

What had happened was, on Day 10 I met up with friends for dinner. The following morning I was running a race (4 miles) and thought I’d just take a couple of days off. A couple days turned in to a week and a half.

By that time there was no way I could go straight to Day 10. Have you seen what all you do on Day 10?

30 Day Full Body Challenge (2)

I mean I think I could have done everything but the plank and wall sit. I really had to build up to doing that 60 second plank and 90 second wall sit.

Oh get this!

I was telling my Mom and her friend about planks. Neither had heard of them before. So I demonstrated one for them. My Mom’s friend got down on the floor and gave it a shot.

I was shocked!

Not only did she do it. First shocker. But she totally blew me away. Her first time EVER doing a plank and she was able to hold if for 1 minute 55 seconds!

Can you believe that?!

Mind blown!

Mind blown

Good for her though! She has one strong core!

Back to my first attempt at doing this challenge. Yes, my first. I have tried a few times since that first time.

I gave it a go April 1st. I have a thing for starting on the first. Not always but usually. I blame it on New Year’s Resolutions. But that may just be me.

I tried again one other time too. I think it was in May.

Both times I just couldn’t get past the first week. It wasn’t that I wasn’t able to. Obviously I was. I made it to Day 9 the first time around.

Plus the 2nd and 3rd time was after I had started losing weight and working out. So surely I could do it.

It was more me not setting the time aside to do it.

So, since I was able to complete my 30 in 30 Challenge last month (Trust me, those miles take time!), I thought July was my month to finally complete this challenge.


I did Day 1. Go me! That day was after helping my brother move all day too. He and his boyfriend bought their fist house! Yay!

Then nothing on Day 2.

Completed Day 2 on Day 3, Day 3 on Day 4 and nothing since. So, today is now the 6th day of the month and I still have to do Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 to get back on track.

Will I do it? Or will I think of another challenge?

Stay tuned!



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