Getting Back On The Horse

Last month my fitness game was on point. I wanted to kick it up a notch and I did. I completed my 30 in 30 challenge, I was averaging going to the gym 5 days a week, I was working on my strength training. I was killing it!

Then July started.

And I fell off the wagon.

Big time.


The first two and a half weeks of July were not very good for me. I only went to the gym a total of 3 times. I didn’t even count my calories for a full week. I know, right! I went 100 plus days of counting calories and staying for the most part within my calorie goal.

Then I go and blow it for a week of freedom.

It certainly felt like freedom. I was eating anything and everything I wanted. I had fried food, chips and dip, drinks, biscuits and gravy, beef stroganoff, ice cream, more ice cream, and so much more.

I mean look one I had for lunch one day


That’s right. I ate it all too. Well, except for a few fries.

I felt completely gross after. My stomach was bloated. My face felt oily. Why did I do this to myself?


At first when I weighed myself (mid-week) I wasn’t gaining any weight. I think this was actually a bad thing though. It was almost like giving me permission to keep going. Not to get back on track.

But then after a week I weighed myself again and I had gained 3 lbs. Now 3 lbs isn’t necessarily a lot.  A lot of people will go up and down throughout their weight loss. I, however, had been fortunate and had only been going down since starting 4 months ago. So this going backwards wasn’t working for me. Not at all. I had also started noticing that I was bloated every day. I wasn’t able to wear my smaller jeans anymore and had to pull out my old “fat jeans”. My face was starting to break out. I was beginning to feel like a teenager again. I’m in my 30’s. My face isn’t supposed to look like this.


It was time to get back on track. I needed to start counting my calories again and I needed to get back in the gym.


So I opened up my MyFitnessPal app and started logging my meals again. I had a salad for lunch. I walked 2 miles after work and went to the gym after that.

I was back on track!

Or was I?

For the next few days I did log my calories. I think there was only one time that I went over. We had gotten some sad news at work that day and there were just too many sweets around for me to resist. I didn’t make it back to the gym for several days either. I had full intentions of going and there is absolutely no excuse other than purse laziness. But hey sometimes life gets the better of us.

I did notice that I wasn’t feeling bloated any more and my face was starting to clear up. The scale was showing that those 3 lbs had gone bye bye again and took another pound with them.

While I might not be at the fitness level I was in June I do consider myself to be back on track. And lets be real here, there are going to be times where we aren’t perfect. Sometimes you might want that raspberry cheesecake and the peanut butter cupcake sitting next to it. That is ok. Just make up for it the next day or the day after. As I’ve said before life is all about balance.

balancing scale



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