Plaza 10K

I ran in the Plaza 10K race this morning. Go me!


This was the second time that I have run this race. The first time was 2 or 3 years ago. It was part of a series that my sister and I ran together. I wasn’t the happiest with the results and swore that one day I would run it again to redeem myself.

Today was that day!


One of my friends runs races all the time. No joke. I think this does between 10 and 15 a year ranging from 3 K’s to half marathon’s. She’s awesome!

So she signed up for the same series, the Heartland 30 Series, but was not able to run in this particular race. We helped each other out and I ran the race for her. It gave me a chance to redeem myself and it allows her to get the series medal once she completes the last race in the series.

Hence her name on the bib. For about 2 hours I was Becky!


So I went in to this having a few goals. The very first goal was to obviously finish with a better time than I did the first go round. But I couldn’t just do that. No. I needed to prove myself. I needed to prove that I could rock this race.

Now my rocking a race is not the same as another. I rock in my own way! lol


Back to these goals. My “Bare Minimum” goal was to finish with a pace of 15 minutes per mile. I know that isn’t the fastest of times but I’m not a runner. I run a few races a year and that’s about it. So it was going to be hard, for me. I haven’t ran in over two months (since the last race) and I’ve been eating very poorly. I mean I had ice cream twice yesterday. Twice! But I knew I could do it. So 1 hour 33 minutes was the least I could do.

Honestly though I really wanted to do better than an hour and a half. I knew I had it in me and that I was capable. So that was my “Good Job” goal.

To run a pace of 14 minutes/mile was my “Kick Ass” goal. This was the prize to me. If I could do this I was going to be super proud of myself.

That’s right, I had multiple goals. I’m not a simple person. I have to complicate pretty much everything in my life. lol

Which goal did I meet? I am proud to say that I met my “Kick Ass” goal!!! Exactly too. How that happened I don’t know. But it did!


What is that on my nail? I think it might be banana. How gross! lol

So there it is. I redeemed myself. I am so proud of myself for doing so too. =)


Happy Sunday Funday everyone!!!



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