Belated Birthday Dinner

As you all may remember, my birthday was the end of July. However, my family is very busy and it can sometimes be difficult for us to get together. Last weekend my Dad and I were finally able to meet up for dinner. We had tried once before but had to reschedule.

My brother Cody and his boyfriend Anthony joined us as well as…


my Dad’s friends Nancy and Leonard. Some of my favorite people!


I’m sort of glad that we rescheduled though. You see, originally I wanted to go to a burger place that is new to me – BRGR. This has been the plan for about a month. My Dad and I both love burgers and so I thought it would be the perfect place for us to go. If we had kept our original date, BRGR would have been where we went. Now I’m sure this is a fine burger joint and it’s still on my list.


I am so glad that we had to reschedule because the day before we were meeting up, I changed my mind on where we were eating. One of my dear friends has told me about this restaurant for months now. She and her family love it. It’s been on the list for her and I to visit sometime but we just hadn’t made it there yet. Then Saturday, I was hanging out at her place looking through a FEAST magazine.


Have you all heard of FEAST? FEAST is a free magazine that showcases food, drinks, chefs, restaurants and food trends in the Midwest. They tend to focus in KC, STL and Columbia but more and more I am seeing Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska pop up. While flipping through the pages I came across an article about a BBQ restaurant here in KC. It reminded me of the restaurant that my friend had told me about. I quickly knew I wanted to go there instead.

So…where did we go? CHAR BAR IN WESTPORT


This place is truly a fun place to go to with family and friends. We ate outside so I haven’t seen too much of the inside. The outside though has a full bar, lots of picnic tables and several yard games. That’s right, games!

Although we didn’t play any (this time!) there was bocce ball, cornhole, ping pong and even croquet. How fun does that sound?! I can’t wait to go back.

One of the menu items my friend said was a must try were their Cornbread Muffins. These things are delicious. I’m still thinking about them today.


The muffin itself has cheese and jalapeno baked in to it. They then come out with 3 toppings you can use separately or (like me) all at once – chive butter, jalapeno jam and tobacco honey. Did you catch all of that?? It is like taking a regular old cornbread muffin with honey and butter on and amping them up on every level. Like going on vacation to Mexico and never coming back. They are that good!


The rest of the food was good too. Well, most of it… I loved the Triple Crown sandwich which had 3 types of pork, caramelized onions and fontina cheese. It was good. It was really good. My brother and I had decided to split the Triple Crown and the Brisket Cheesesteak. I didn’t care for the cheesesteak so gave it back to him. And took back my triple crown. It was my birthday dinner after all. lol I gave some of it back. 😉


When it comes to bbq beans, I like to think of myself as a traditionalists. I like them thick and sweet. I’m not usually a fan of people who try to put their own spin on a baked bean. It’s perfect as it is. Stop messing with it.

However, the beans at Char Bar I love! My brother said it best when he said they reminded him of chili. They totally do! In fact I’m thinking about going back and ordering their jumbo side of beans along with an order of the cornbread muffins and calling it a night. How good does that sound?!

Picture it…it’s a crisp fall evening. You’re outside wearing a hoodie (I don’t know why I keep focusing on this hoodie – I guess Fall and hoodies just go together for me!), playing some of the yard games (yes!), drinking some cider and eating “chili” with amped up “going to Mexico” cornbread. Sounds like a perfect night to me!

So…when is this happening?

Soon I hope!


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