KC Sweet 16

I try to run in at least one race each year. Some years I will do quite a bit. Two years ago I ran in roughly 8 races. Some years I only run in a couple such as last year. This year I decided I would only run in the KC Sweet 16 Series. The series consisted of 4 races that were 4 miles each thus 16. As you already know, I ran in the Plaza 10K a couple of weeks ago as a favor for a friend. I’ve also registered for the first ever Longview 5K coming up in November. So my 4 race year has turned in to a 6 race year. It happens! lol


The first race of the series was the St. Patrick’s Day Run in Westport. Whew! I didn’t do very well on this race. I gave myself a goal (I always make goals) of finishing in 1 hour 10 minutes. Slow? Yes, I know. But I knew I would do a lot of walking. There are a lot of hills in Westport. You don’t realize it when you are driving but when you have to walk/run it, wow do they come out of no where.


It’s safe to say that I beat my goal. Not by much but I did!



I know I’m slow. But I finished. And I did technically finish within my goal. I even got my free beer. Woohoo!


Oh yeah, my friend Becky joined me in all 4 races. Good times!

The second race was the Trolley Run between Waldo and the Plaza.


I loved this race. I love Waldo and I love Brookside. The race started in Waldo, went thru Brookside and finished on the Plaza. There were a few hills but it wasn’t too bad. Definitely a lot flatter than the first race.

For this race I wanted to finish in less than an hour. I did!


I was disappointed though to cross the finish line and there not be a medal. How could there not be a medal? There is always a finishers medal. I don’t run races for the free shirt. I run races for the MEDAL.

It was still a good time though.


The third race was my personal best race out of the 4 – Four on the 4th.


So the first race I wanted to finish in 1 hour 10 minutes. For the second race I wanted to finished in 1 hour. For this race I wanted to knock off 5 minutes and finish in 55 minutes.

Guess what?


I’m pretty awesome!

This one was my favorite of all the races. We had such a good time, I was able to keep pace with my friend the entire time and it was 4th of July!

The fourth and final race of the series was the KC Zoo Run.


As the name says you get to run thru the zoo. This is actually quite cool. Sometimes the animals are out and sometimes they aren’t. Man, when I went by the tigers, both of them were out. I wish I would have stopped to take a selfie with them. But I was actually running at this point, not walking for once, and didn’t want to ruin my stride. This was a tough race.


Even though it was only 79 degrees outside it felt HOT with the sun beating down on you. There aren’t a lot of big hills, mainly just the one as you’re leaving Africa, but there are a lot of little slopes and those babies count. They’re harder than you might think.

Falling in line with the other 3 races, I had a goal for when I wanted to finish this one. I was hoping to finish in 50 minutes. The last race I had finished in 54 minutes. I only needed to shave off 4 minutes. That’s only 1 minute per mile. It’s doable

Unfortunately though it didn’t get done. =(

20160924_100159.jpgI’m not 100% but I feel that the first time I ran this race, 3 years ago, I finished in 56 minutes 35 seconds. So close. So close!

But Becky and I did cross the finish line together. We stayed together the first 2 miles. Then Becky started to creep ahead of me as I began to fall back. Every once in a while I would muster up the strength to catch up always announcing “I’m still here.” as I came up on her side. Once I even passed her. Passed her! I know! I couldn’t hardly believe it. She caught back up to me though and we finished together. Just as it should be. =)


For completing all 4 races of the series they gave us a throw blanket. At first I was like what? A blanket? But you know I only got it Saturday and I’ve already used it each night. I kinda like it.


The series is done. I have redeemed myself regarding the Plaza 10K. Now to train for the Longview 5K. I have a feeling it is going to be a really hilly race. At least it’s only 3.1 miles. This will be the shortest race this year.



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