Weston Apple Fest

Weston, MO has an Apple Fest every year. I have wanted to go for several years but unfortunately just hadn’t made it. This year, however, it was going to happen. And it did!


My Mom went with me. Neither of us knew what to expect. But we did know that we didn’t want to walk half a mile to get downtown, which is what we heard a lot of people were doing, so we drove a few miles out of town to Snow Creek. Snow Creek was shuttling people downtown for FREE! Paying $5 or $10 for parking isn’t much. But that is money you can spend shopping or eating. Also, if you know me I don’t like to “waste” money on things such as parking or ATM fees. So Snow Creek we went.


Do you see that big hill, mountain, whatever you want to call it behind us? That is Snow Creek. I have never gone there for the purpose of it’s name but I have been there for Rugged Maniac. Several years ago, my sister, a couple of our friends and I did a 5K Obstacle Course Race there at Snow Creek. The first thing we had to do was not technically an obstacle but in a sense was one of the most difficult “obstacles” there. We had to run up that giant hill.

Here, let me give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.


Do you see that monster? I’m not joking when I say it probably took half an hour to get to the top. It’s sneaky too. When you get to the top of the first big portion, you are so relieved. You made it! Hands in the air all victory style. YES!!! I beat you hill.

And then you see there is more. You can’t really tell in this picture but it curves to the left a little and continues sloping up. By this time my sister, her friend and I were dog tired. We were crawling up that last bit on our hands and knees. Our calves were burning us. BURNING I tell you. This was seriously one race I didn’t know if I would finish. Not because of the hill but because of one of the obstacles later on in the race.

But I digress…we’re not here to talk about the race. We’re here to talk about APPLE FEST!

First thing I saw when I got there was a sign for Apple Dumplings. Ahhhh I love apple dumplings! Now why I didn’t take a picture of the tent I don’t know. But I did take a picture of the apple dumpling. That’s the important part, right?


It was so good!


Look at all those apples! Yumm!

There were so many things apple related…as there should be. I thought about getting a caramel apple but ended up leaving with only a picture. =(


I did try a couple of apple shots though.


After having the one on the left I decided to buy a bottle of Red Delicious Apple Vodka. Can’t wait to remake this drink.


One of my favorites though will always be hot apple cider. Yumm!


Mom and I enjoyed the shopping too, though we didn’t have time to walk through everything. Fortunately the booths that we missed are there the second weekend of every month. So we can always go back. Yay!

One of the booths had these cute flower stakes. I regret not buying a few but I wouldn’t know where to put them. When I have a house I might just have to hunt these babies down. They were so cute!


I even ran in to one of my old buddies from a previous job. The people you run in to at events like this is crazy!


The entertainment was fun too. That’s a giant pot of apple butter he’s making. Yumm!

Oh yeah, I like to take a picture of the crowds some times. This first picture was just as we were entering Apple Fest.


This picture was where the food trucks were. There were two ladies who saw me about to take a picture. They totally smiled and posed for me. =)


Why I didn’t take a picture down the main street of Historic Downtown Weston I don’t know. But there is always next year.

Remember how I said I was going to try out themes and APPLES was the theme for September? Well I know that October is now here and September is behind us but I’m not done with apples. I have 3 if not 4 more recipes to share with you. I am also, however, ready to start sharing my October theme with you – SOUP! So this theme thing will be slightly mixed moving forward. I’m sure we are all ok with that though, right? Yeah, I thought so. =)


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