Weight Watchers Week 1

I needed to make a change. I needed to try something different. I’ve lost weight before. Multiple times before. But it never stays.

A year ago my Dad asked me if I wanted to start going to Weight Watchers with him. I thought about it but decided against it. Mainly because we don’t live near each other and finding a meeting that would work for both of us was proving to be difficult. I had also started counting calories using My Fitness Pal and was enjoying seeing where that would go. He ended up doing his own thing which was quite successful for him – Go Dad! – and I did mine.

As you read in my last post, my counting calories was successful until I fell off the wagon and couldn’t get back on. I debated if I wanted to start counting again. I mean it worked for me once, it can work again. But I really wanted to try something new. Something that would give me more support for when I have my bad days so that they don’t turn in to bad weeks and even worse, bad months. When you are using the app, you really only have yourself to count on. I have friends, good friends, who try their best to support me. But it isn’t always the same.

So, I found myself thinking of Weight Watchers more often. When I saw that they had a 50% off special that was ending this weekend I figured it was now or never. I signed up last night and went to my first meeting this morning. It wasn’t bad.

I didn’t know what to expect having never gone to anything like this before. When you first there you stand in line to weigh in. It’s very private. No one sees your weight except for you and the person weighing you. You get a little print out sticker to keep in your Success Story book. After weighing in, you find a seat and wait for the meeting to start. Of course I didn’t realize about the line and the meeting had already started, just barely, by the time I was able to sit. I hate being late. And to be late to my first meeting made me feel like I was starting off wrong. But I quickly moved past that. In fact until I was just recounting it for you all I had forgotten about missing the first couple minutes.

Each week they have a topic that they discuss. There is a leader that, well, leads the meeting. She started off with doing a recap of last week’s topic “All or Nothing” and then moved in to this week’s topic “Take Good Care of Yourself”. To go along with the topic is a little pamphlet they give you when you weigh in. The leader encourages others to speak about what is going on in their lives or how they have dealt with something before in regards to the topic. It was nice hearing others have the same struggles as me. It’s not like I thought I was the only one to have this issue but it was still nice.

At the end of the meeting awards for various accomplishments were passed out. Today’s meeting had 3 types of awards – 4 week award (attending 4 out of 5 meetings in your first 4 weeks), 5 lbs (I assume you get one every time you lose 5 lbs, will need to learn more) and 10% (10% of body weight). I’m not sure what these awards look like but did see in one of the booklets that there is a bracelet with charms. I’m now wondering if the two are related. Only time will tell.

After leaving the meeting I felt motivated. I went home, well eventually, and started reading all of the booklets and pamphlets I had received and planned out this week’s meals. Even though I am not counting calories, but instead Smart Points, the two are very similar. I was able to enter recipes and was given a total of points per serving. All fruits and veggies are zero points. Well not all, but most. This part is different than with calories. Pretty much all of the foods that you eat or drink has calories. But with WW, they give you freebies. I like this because it encourages me to eat more of these items so that I can feel full and stay within my daily total.

Speaking of the daily total. When you first set up an account they ask some basic information: age, height, weight and gender. You are then given a daily total and a weekly total. The daily total is exactly what it sounds like. You try to stay with in this number of points. The weekly total is extra. You can use this all in one day if you want to have a cheat day, have an event such as a wedding or birthday party you are attending or just want to eat out at a restaurant and splurge a little. You don’t have to use the extra weekly points if you don’t want to but they are there if you do. Some people divide them up and add them to their daily total. Others use them sparingly for those days they go over their daily target. I have yet to decide how I want to use mine.

So I came home and entered a couple of recipes, their point value wasn’t a lot so I added the ingredients to my grocery list and off I went. I think for me that since I typically eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day during the week days that it will be very easy to stay within my daily total.

This week’s meal plan is as follows:


-toast w/ peanut butter, banana, milk – 8 points    OR

-2 eggs, strawberries, mango, milk – 7 points


Penne w/ Pea Pesto, Ricotta Cheese and Asparagus – 11 points


Lazy Cabbage Rolls – 4 points per roll

spinach salad – 0 points

Dressing choices – Green Goddess – 4 pts; Ranch – 5 pts; Italian – 2 pts

Total – 28-32 points

By the way my daily total is 30 points. So I might have to use less dressing or fall back on my weekly points a couple days. Overall I think the meal plan is a success. Wish me good luck!


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