WW Week 1 Recap

I’ve completed one week! It wasn’t all that bad. I honestly didn’t think it would be. Since I counted calories a year ago, it’s very similar. So it was like picking it up again but in a new way.

My points for the week:

Sunday – 30

Monday – 28

Tuesday – 30

Wednesday – 29

Thursday – 28

Friday – 48

Saturday – 26

I found it very easy during the week to stay within my daily points since I ate the same thing pretty much every day. Well sort of. The plan was to eat the same two meals for lunch and dinner every day. But the second meal was never prepared. I just didn’t feel up to it. The Lazy Cabbage Rolls that I made were fantastic though. I’ll definitely be making them again some time. Maybe sooner than later. I loved them!

Most of my meals this week consisted of these 3 right here.

Breakfast 1 – toast, peanut butter, banana, mango, glass of skim milk – 8 pts

Breakfast 2 – 2 scrambled eggs, banana, strawberries, glass of skim milk – 7 pts

Entrée – Lazy Cabbage Rolls, mixed green salad w/ Lite Italian dressing – 9 pts

There were a few meals that could have been challenging but they weren’t. My work decided to give us all pizza on Monday. I hadn’t brought my lunch (nothing was cooked yet) so I looked in my WW app to see what a slice of pizza would run me. One slice of restaurant style pizza w/ cheese and 1 meat topping is 11 points. It’s not low but it is manageable. So I had one slice and then went for a walk, a mile and a half walk. Take that pizza!

On Tuesday my parents dropped some furniture off at my sister’s house and they all decided to go to dinner. My sister had invited me to join them so I did. They were kind enough to go somewhere that allowed me to still count my points…and stay within my allotted points for the day. It’s not the easiest when eating out. That’s for sure. But Applebee’s has a a Thai Shrimp Salad that is only 11 points. I’d had the salad several times before and really enjoyed it so it didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything and I was still able to eat out with my family. Yay!

Up until Friday I hadn’t touched any of my weekly points. Actually I wasn’t going to Friday either. I was rather enjoying the fact that I had gone all week without touching them. But Friday night I joined my Mom and Step-dad at a retirement party for his cousin. I managed to stay way under on my points food wise but drank 28 points worth putting me over my daily and in to my weekly by 18 points. I didn’t beat myself up because that is what they are there for. Plus today I stayed under by 4 points. Woohoo!

I even got out and walked a little this last week. Last year I started walking over my lunch and really enjoyed it. I liked it so much that I started throwing in another walk, some days, around my neighborhood after work. I knew that I needed to get moving again and I wasn’t making it up to the gym (even though I still pay my monthly member dues) so I thought why not start walking again.

Walking I did. At first it was a little rough. My calves would get tight fast, my breathing was heavy (far heavier than it should be) and I was sweating (not a lot but some). But the second day was easier than the first. So that was good. I wish I would have walked more than 2 days but we’ve had a lot of rain lately and I’ll admit I haven’t gotten out much the past few days. I’m hoping that next week the rain will be gone and I can get some more walks in. We’ll see.

I recently came across this on FB and thought I would share it on here.


Now I can only walk so far over my lunch hour but I try to get at least 30 minutes in when I do. Sometimes I’ll allow myself to walk a full 2 miles which is usually around 40 minutes for me. I’m not the fastest walker plus there are a lot of hills around my job. Good for exercise but they slow you down. It feels good once I’m done. It’s nice to get some fresh air, feel the warm sun and the simple fact that I got out there and did something feels great.

Tomorrow will be my first weigh in since starting. Well technically I weighed in my first day. But this will be the first time after counting points, etc. I admit I’m a little nervous. It will be my first time to see if that number has gone down, stayed the same or hopefully not but always possible gone up. I know that you don’t lose every single week. But this will be my first week and I really want to see that number go down…even if just a little bit. When I’ve lost weight in the past I’ve waited 2 weeks before weighing myself. In fact I’ve tried to wait 2 weeks in between each weigh in. This weighing in every week will be quite an adjustment.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


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