WW Week 2

Today was my second meeting. There was a different leader today than there was last week. The leader today was nice but I think I preferred the lady from last week just a little more. Unfortunately last week’s lady was a fill in and today’s lady is the real deal, for this time slot at least.

I’m liking this time slot. It works well for me. It’s Sunday morning at 9. I can sleep in a little if I want, which I rarely do, but I can. If I have my grocery list prepared, and I did today, I can then go to the grocery store after the meeting. It jump starts my day and I found myself to be quite productive. Typically Saturday’s are busy days for me but Sunday’s can be rather, well, lazy. Being productive made me feel good. I felt accomplished, motivated and full of energy.

So…are you wondering how the weight in went?? I’m down 3 lbs! Woohoo!

I have given myself a goal of 2 lbs per week this first month. To be honest I am hoping to lose 2 lbs every week but I realize that won’t always happen. I also realize that you lose faster in the beginning than you might later on.  3 is higher than 2 so I feel I am starting off awesome!

This week I’m going to make something that my friend made for dinner last weekend – Steak and Chicken Kabobs. It was delicious! Her husband grilled them though and unfortunately I don’t have a grill. I do, however, have a grill pan. It might not be the same but I’m thinking they will turn out alright.

For breakfast I’ll probably keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’ll have either scrambled eggs and fruit or toast with peanut butter and fruit. Yes, I’m eating more fruit than I have in the past.

My other entree will hopefully be the meal that I didn’t make last week but in a slightly different way – Penne w/ Sauteed Spinach, Peas, Asparagus and Ricotta Cheese.

Meal Plan:


-2 scrambled eggs, fruit, milk – 7 pts

-toast w/ peanut butter, fruit, milk – 8 pts


Steak and Chicken Kabobs w/ veggies – 8 pts

Penne w/ Sauteed Spinach, Peas, Asparagus and Ricotta Cheese – 11 pts (as of right now, might change a few things)

Total – 26-27 pts

Remember how each week has a new topic? This week’s topic was “Get in the Groove to Move”. We discussed various forms of exercise and activity in general. How exercising makes us feel more energetic, accomplished, motivated to continue and gives us have a positive attitude. Also how we feel like we are missing out when we don’t work out and therefore don’t feel the benefits that we would have had we worked out. And finally what we can do to get moving more. There were plenty of suggestions such as asking a friend to join us, trying new things if we feel we have gotten in a routine and it’s become boring, try a different time of day, sneaking in some activity over our lunch or on our breaks.

I was eager to learn more about 2 subjects: the bracelet and charms and how to figure out your lifetime goal. Remember how I said they ended each meeting by passing out awards to recognize people’s accomplishments? Well some of these awards are in the form of charms. I had seen somewhere that there is a bracelet you can put the charms on. I learned today that I will receive my bracelet after I have been there 4 weeks and attended each week’s meeting. I believe that is when I receive my first charm as well. =)

I was also very curious and am very eager to set my lifetime goal. I was hoping to do so today and was disappointed when I learned that I couldn’t. I think each leader may be different but this leader doesn’t discuss your lifetime goal with you until after you have lost 10% of your body weight. I’m not quite sure of the reasoning behind it but I suppose I will just have to make 10% my first goal. Once I meet that goal then I’ll have the real goal to work toward. Gotta stay positive!

Oh yeah and apparently the week goes from Monday to Sunday. For some reason I thought the week went from Sunday to Saturday. Oops! Hey, I’m still learning. =)


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