WW Week 2 Recap

Last week I was starting to feel less bloated and I loved it! This week I am not experiencing that feeling as much as I expected too. I was hoping that the bloating was gone for good and that I was beyond that feeling forever. Ha! It was only one week. One week doesn’t change forever. You have to continue making good decisions every day, every week. In my case this week, I’m sure it has a large part to do with the choice of food that I ate – pasta for lunch everyday. But I did stay within my points so I’m hoping that this will not reflect on the scale. We’ll see soon.

Points-wise I was well under every day this week. Woohoo!

Sunday – 32

Monday – 23

Tuesday – 23

Wednesday – 26

Thursday – 22

Friday – 27

Saturday – 27

At first I was worried that maybe I wasn’t eating enough but I felt full. I then realized that my point count is quite a bit lower because of my dinner choice – steak and chicken kabobs. This isn’t a bad thing. I am eating plenty of food. A couple times I even had dessert. I just made a really low point dinner. Kudos to me!

As you can see I never even hit my daily point limit. Well except for last Sunday but technically that was last week’s daily/weekly points. Which means I never touched my weekly points for this week. I was quite proud of myself for that. And I was hoping this would mean another decent to large drop in lbs when I weigh in. I have a feeling the number will be decent but not so much large. Let’s be honest any number that is going down is good. We all know this. But we love to see those high numbers. I realize I will probably not see last week’s -3 lbs again. I wasn’t even hoping to. But I would love to see -2 lbs. I have a feeling it’s going to be more like -1.5 lbs though.

Man, listen to me. I’m sounding all negative and I haven’t even weighed in. I should be happy no matter what the number is. Down 1 or down 2, hell, even down 1/2 a pound is still awesome. It is still progress toward the ultimate goal. I need to change my attitude around this week.

This reminds me of something I heard in yesterday’s meeting. Oh yeah, I went to 2 meetings this week. I wanted to try out another leader to see which one I might like better. Unfortunately, the regular leader was out yesterday. So I’ll need to go to 2 meetings next week as well. I guess it doesn’t hurt to go to more than 1 meeting though, right?

Anyways, what I was reminded of… The fill-in leader said, “If you don’t come to a new meeting, you’re week doesn’t start over. You are stuck in last week.” Clearly I went to a meeting but I can apply this else where. Once I weigh in, I need to put last week behind me and start over with this week. Maybe this week wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be, maybe I will surprise myself and it will be awesome (I was nervous last week too and it turned out awesome), either way once I weigh in it becomes last week. I have a new week ahead of me therefore new goals and new chances to make good decisions. I can show that I learned from the prior week. Whether I found something that is working for me or something that is not. I can learn from it and move forward.

So, I can learn from this week. Yes, pasta is a dish that I can still eat occasionally. Yes, I am capable of fitting it within my daily points. But maybe it’s not something I should eat every day. Another take away for the week is that I should be more active. I had started walking over my lunch the week before. Well until the rain made it not as appealing. But I didn’t walk at all this week. Walking isn’t all I can be doing though. There are so many at home exercises I can do. I own my own elliptical machine. I even have a membership at Planet Fitness. Everything is at my finger tips. I just need to find the motivation to do it.

The last time that I lost weight (yes, I will probably refer to this a lot, sorry!) I lost about 10 lbs before I told myself to get in the gym. I said just once a week. Once a week is better than nothing. Once a week turned in to twice a week. After I lost another 10 lbs, I met with a trainer and he showed me how to use the weight machines. Twice a week then turned in to 5 times a week. This was combined with me still walking outside. I was an exercising machine! And I loved it!

I need to get back to that but sooner. So I’m making a deal with myself right here and now. Go to the gym this next week. At least once. What will I get for doing this? The satisfaction of going, the feeling of accomplishment and the motivation to continue going.

The first visit is always the hardest. Once I get past that first visit I’m usually ok!


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