WW Week 3 – Week 4 Recap

So sorry for not posting for a little while. Two weeks ago I came down with a cold, the flu, who knows. All I know is I was sick for 5 days. I just didn’t feel like doing much. Unfortunately it was a busy period at work and I didn’t feel I could take the time off. I did end up missing one day but I attempted to go in. My head was just so foggy that I left almost immediately. I slept most of that day after returning home. Slept or watched tv. It was the only day I allowed myself to do nothing.

The weekend looked up for me though. Which was a relief because it was a busy one. Friday evening I had dinner with a friend who came to visit from Arizona. Saturday morning I had a race with another friend. I walked most of it but hey it was exercise and it got me out of the house.

That afternoon and evening I went to my very first Nascar race with my Dad. So fun!

The next day was Sunday, Mother’s Day, which was also weigh in day. The last week hadn’t been the best. I’d have to look back but I don’t think I ever posted on here. I remember being nervous. I’m nervous just about every time I go to weigh in. Not because I think I have gained but because I won’t go down as much as I want to. Silly huh? Down is down. Be proud of every ounce, every pound. Still though when you see low numbers, such as I had 2 weeks ago today, only down .8 lbs, you can’t help but let it affect you. Most anyone would. It’s disappointing. You try hard all week. You track everything that you eat. You think that you are making good decisions and yet you don’t even lose a full pound.

If I remember correctly though, I had gone to a Saturday meeting the day before this particular weigh in and the leader said something that stuck with me. She said that if you don’t go to a meeting, you are stuck in that week. Whatever bad decisions or ill thoughts you have will continue until you go in to a meeting and start the new week. I really liked this and used it for the week after this disappointing weigh in. I sulked for a little bit. I’m human. But I quickly turned it around, enjoyed the rest of my day with one of my good good friends and her family and had a fantastic week following that. I weighed in and I started a new week!

Back to Mother’s Day, weigh in day. This day was absolutely wonderful. It started off with me weighing in and losing 3.2 lbs. 3.2 lbs! This puts me at 7 lbs gone. Woohoo! I had hoped to average 2 lbs a week and even though the week before had only been .8 lbs the first week was 3 lbs and the 3rd week was 3.2 lbs. So I’m going ok. Since it was Mother’s Day they were giving all of the women flowers. I explained to them that I’m not a Mom but they said that all women were able to have one. It was a really pretty flower too!

After the meeting, I went to my sister’s. My Mom was out of town and my sister wasn’t exactly looking forward to the day. So I treated her as much as I could. I bought her flowers, took her to lunch and pretty much let her do whatever she wanted.

One of the things that she has been wanting to do was buy a kayak. No, I did NOT buy her a kayak but we did go to Cabella’s and sit in on a tutorial on how to purchase your first kayak. They even let us pick a couple to try out on their pond. It was pretty neat!

As you can tell by this point I am feeling much better. So I really don’t have any excuses as to why I haven’t posted this last week. I just haven’t. I’ve been lazy. But hey it happens.

To recap Week 4, I made Turkey Chili (7 SP) and a Chipotle Lime Chicken (4 SP, 5 for the Corn and Black Bean Salad) to eat for lunch and dinner this week. Recipes to come I promise.

I think I had the same breakfast every day this last week – 2 pieces of toast (only 1 SP each!), 1 egg, 1 banana, strawberries and a glass of milk. Total point value was 7 points. Not bad and very filling!


I also added a little exercise to my daily routine. I decided to go on a walk over my lunch each day this last week. A 2 mile walk in a neighborhood full of hills. It was a great workout and I enjoyed the scenery. I took a few pictures to share with you.

I was also watching my Mom’s dogs this last week while she and my stepdad are out of town. We didn’t go on a long walk every day but we did a few days of the week. I definitely stepped up my walking game. =)


Yesterday we had a family gathering to celebrate May birthdays. There is always so much food and not always healthy food. Not to mention the desserts. Sometimes we will have 3 or 4 to choose from! I was busy running around earlier in the day and missed breakfast. Now I know how important it is to eat breakfast. I know you should not skip any of your meals. This is not something that happens all that often. But it did this time. Fortunately since I didn’t eat breakfast though this gave me more points to eat at the family gathering. And wow did I need them. I estimated to the best of my ability how much I ate and my plate was 23 points. 23! That is insane!


Later that same day I did something rash but not so rash since I took 6 days to think about it. I bought a kayak! My sister’s boyfriend got his Friday, mine was Saturday and we are heading out to buy my sister’s today. Can’t wait to get these babies on the water.

My sister took the night to contemplate if she wanted to get the same one as I did. And she is! This is her sitting in mine trying to decide. Oh and that is her big dog laying on her. Paddi is huge!


My nephew loves my kayak too!


Ok so you are now up to speed. I need to get going. My sister will be here any minute to pick me up.

WW Week 5 to come later today…hopefully!


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