WW Week 5

Week 5. I have been doing Weight Watchers for 4 full weeks now. In this time I have lost a total of 8 lbs. Yes, two weeks ago I had a fantastic week and was down 3.2 lbs, last week not so fantastic…down 1 lb. It appears I have a good week then a not so good week then a good week again. If the pattern continues I will have a great week this week again. Only time will tell.

Still 8 lbs is good. It means I am averaging 2 lbs a week which I believe to be a quite healthy amount to lose. My sister said she is already noticing a difference in my appearance. I am not as bloated therefore my stomach looks flatter. And my Mom asked me last night if I had lost weight. She was the first person to do so. Made me full amazing that someone noticed! She said that she can tell around my neck and face.

I’m sure most of us have seen the Pin on Pinterest that says “It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing. It takes 8 weeks for friends and family and it takes 12 weeks for for the rest of the world. Keep going.”.

4 weeks

For my sister and my Mom to already be noticing difference and I’ve just finished the first stage makes me feel wonderful. =)

So…what’s the game plan for week 5? That’s a good question. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m eating for the next week toward the end of the previous week. If I have my grocery list ready then I can go to the store after my WW meeting and I’m set for the week. Unfortunately it’s now Monday morning and I’m still not sure what I’m going to eat this week.

I have leftovers from my belated Mother’s Day celebration for my Mom last night that I plan to eat for dinner. Grilled chicken stuffed with pepperjack cheese and jalapenos then wrapped in bacon, twice baked potato and bacon wrapped asparagus. It wasn’t the healthiest of meals but it was good.

So I’ll have that for lunch and take the day to decide what the remaining meals for the week will be. I also plan to continue my daily walks – 2 miles each day. But I think I’ll try a different area around my work for this week. Expand my horizons if you will. And I must drink more water.

I’ve been trying to figure out why some weeks are better than others. I realize there are lots of factors that go in to it. It’s usually not just one thing. But I do think that one of the factors is my daily intake of water. I think on weeks where I lose more weight I am concentrating on drinking water more. This is not yet a habit for me. I have to make myself do it. So this week is sort of a test. I’m going to focus on my water intake and see what the results look like come next Sunday.

I’ll try to post again after I have figured out what I’m actually eating for the week.


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