Memorial Day

Weekends in general can be tough. Holiday weekend’s can be even worse.

How many of us can have a good week only for the weekend to ruin it? How many of us go to gatherings with friends and family over holidays and eat far more than we know we should?

A lot of us unfortunately.

This weekend I was determined to be good. I weigh in on Sunday mornings and I knew, I just knew, that I was having a good week. Therefore I was a good girl Friday and Saturday so that I wouldn’t negatively impact my numbers Sunday. After my awesome weigh in (a loss of 3.4 lbs!) I could have said let this be a cheat day and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

It would have been all too easy to do so.

But I didn’t.

I continued to eat healthy Sunday…though I did allow myself a couple of alcoholic drinks. Hey, I was well under my point value and I used Diet Coke as a mixer. You have to treat yourself and live it up every once in a while. And today I joined family at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a Memorial Day cook out and made healthy decisions while doing so.

I knew they were grilling hot dogs and brats. The idea was to keep it simple. But I also know that brats can be 8 or 9 points each…without the bun. And hot dogs aren’t much better. So I stopped at the store and bought myself some turkey hot dogs. They ring it at 4 points each. I also picked up a package of hot dog buns but turned out my Aunt actually had some that were less in points. So I ate one of hers, 2 points.


They had lots of veggies to choose from so I snacked on those while the hot dogs were cooking. 0 points! 0 points! 0 points!


I find it fun to scan things to see what the points value is. I scanned the dips for the veggies and though one wasn’t all that bad decided to pass on them.

For other sides they had bbq beans (which I love!), chili for the hot dogs, potato salad and chips. Oh how I love chips. Chips and ice cream. I could and have eaten them every day. They are part of the reason I have gotten where I am. After scanning the chips, I learned that 12 chips was only 5 points. Not too bad really. And since I love chips I opted to make that my side. This was the first time I have had chips since I started WW 5 weeks ago. That first chip tasted oh so good. I absolutely loved it!

I asked if I could bring anything so that I wouldn’t be mooching and she had suggested cantaloupe. I jumped on it since not only do I love cantaloupe but it could double as my dessert and it is 0 points.


Overall I feel I was very successful.

Turkey Hot Dog – 4 points

Wheat Hot Dog Bun – 2 points

1 Tbsp Ketchup – 1 point

12 Chips – 5 points

Veggies for snacking- 0 points

Fruit for dessert – 0 points

Total – 12 points


Not too shabby for a Memorial Day lunch with family. I didn’t feel deprived at all either. Ok, maybe just a little bit when they were eating ice cream cake. But I just got me another serving of cantaloupe and honeydew melon and all was good. =)

You can enjoy times with friends and family, even on holiday weekends, and still make healthy decisions. You just have to be smart about it and maybe do a little forward thinking before going. But it can be done!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!



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