WW Week 6 Recap

This week has been a different one for me. I had my meals planned, did my grocery shopping and was all set. It was going to be a successful week and I was going to change this up down pattern I’ve been having.

But then life happens and the plans went completely out the window.

On Tuesday my Mom went in to the hospital and stayed there for 4 days. She’s ok and back at home now. It was nothing life threatening but it did mean I spent a couple nights visiting her after work. Therefore I wasn’t following thru with my meal plans.

Fortunately I was able to stay within or very near my daily points. I found that the hospital cafeteria had a couple of snack packs with bar codes. Bar codes are my friends sometimes! It means I can scan and get the exact amount of points instead of guessing. I’m really not a fan of guessing.

The first day there was a pack that had crackers, cheese, apples and even some caramel. It was quite filling.


I loved that I could actually eat cheese and crackers. And the caramel was delicious! All of this was 7 points. A bit high for a snack but for a meal it worked. The sandwiches that they had were all 12 and 14 points. Ouch!

Another night I stopped at Chick-fil-A and picked up some Grilled Chicken Nuggets. Grilled Chicken Nuggets? Yep! I’d never heard of them before. Usually they’re fried. But I saw that I could have 6 for 2 points so I figured I would give them a try. They were so yummy! I highly recommend you try them if you haven’t already.


Since the 6 pieces of chicken wouldn’t be enough I visited the hospital cafeteria to grab another snack pack. Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the apple ones. But they did have a veggie and cheese variety – carrots, celery, cheese and light ranch – for 8 points. Combined with the chicken this felt more like a complete meal.


Something else that came in handy was a protein shake. I was with my sister at Costco a couple weeks back and scanned just about everything I could. It really is fun to me. lol I came across Muscle Milk which is only 1 point per can. Not bad if you can’t go home right away for dinner.

I realize that some people will treat protein shakes as a meal replacement but I treat them more like a snack when I’m going to be eating a late dinner.


The first few sips were somewhat chalky but by the end of it I didn’t notice it as all. And since it’s only 1 point I feel like I’m getting something sweet in as well as filling my stomach until I can eat a full, healthy meal. It works in a pinch.

So we’ll see how tomorrow goes but I’m thinking it’s going to be a lower weight loss week. As much as I’d like to see every week be 3 lbs or higher in weight loss I realize that it isn’t always going to happen. I also realize it probably wouldn’t be that healthy. I’m averaging a little over 2 lbs a week and I’m happy with that. =)


2 thoughts on “WW Week 6 Recap

  1. I admire your commitment and am happy you stuck with it even during these difficult times. It’s good to know one can eat healthy, even at a hospital cafeteria. Thanks for sharing your selections.

    • Thank you very much! You can eat healthy most any where. Take your time to look over everything. Don’t rush or you will quite possibly make a poor decision. And realize that you might have to make some adjustments hence my more snack like, yet healthy, dinner choice. You can do it too!

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