WW Week 7 Recap – WW Week 9

Wow! Time just gets away from me sometimes. I can say that I’ve been busy. And I have. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have the time to write a post.

We can always make time. Always.

That is true for just about anything. Remember when I said I would start going to the gym? Well I haven’t made the time to do so. lol

If I’m being 100% honest with myself and with you all, I just haven’t made it a priority. I’ve been seeing the numbers go down and I’ve been happy, beyond happy, with the results. The motivation to go to the gym is just not strong enough for me to prioritize it over sitting on the couch.

Silly huh?

But true.

Many of you know what I’m talking about.

I’ll get there…when I’m ready. And when I do I know I’ll keep it up, for a few weeks at least, and be diligent in going at least 3 times a week. I’m just not there yet.

So…….I have exciting news for you all. Exciting for me at least!

I told you that I was going to have a couple weeks that were out of the norm for me. I went camping 2 weekends in a row, missed a couple days of work and had to rearrange my WW meetings until I could get back on track.

Here’s just a few pics from the first weekend.

I’ve been so proud of myself for maintaining my tracking each and every day. I have tracked everything! I felt like I was getting a lot of grief from those around me for maintaining my diet even when camping. I didn’t let it get to me though. I still enjoyed my food, had a few sweets and even some drinks. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.

For breakfast both Saturday and Sunday I had a breakfast burrito made with a low carb white corn tortilla, turkey sausage, 1 egg and 2 Tbsp of shredded cheese. It wasn’t the largest breakfast burrito but when paired with lots of fruit it filled me up quite a bit. Breakfast Burrito 7 pts + Fruit 0 pts = 7 pt breakfast and a great way to start the day.


For lunch I ate a turkey sandwich, veggie chips, lots of veggies along with some more fruit. My sandwich had a thin layer of light mayo on it and 1 slice of American cheese. It also was 7 points and 21, that’s right 21!, veggie chips was only 4 points. Veggies and fruit as usual were zero making my lunch a total of 11 points.


It was actually too much food. I wasn’t able to eat it all. What a shocker!

This picture was taken at the winery we visited. Yes, I did a little tasting and enjoyed a single drink after. I tracked all of it, even the tasting. I assumed each taste was roughly an oz. I had 5 so I put myself down for another glass of wine. Sometimes you just have to guess at things. Your tracking might not be exact but it’s better than recording nothing.

For dinner both Friday and Saturday night, I had one of the foil packets that I made and posted here. This time I was able to cook them on a fire rather than in an oven. Delish!


You see even though I tracked all of my meals and all of my drinks (BTW I took a measuring cup with me so that I could measure out my liquor rather than guessing) I still ate good and I still had a good time.

You know what? It all paid off too! When I weighed in at the next meeting I was down 4.4 pounds gaining me another 5 lb star and making my total weight loss 16.8 lbs!!!

Go me!!!

This has proved to me that I can do this. I can enjoy my life, have fun with friends, indulge every now and again and still continue to lose. =)

Speaking of indulging, a couple of days prior to weighing in I went to this cute little ice cream shop with one of my best friends and her family. I was all set to have one of my usual, chocolate and mint, when I saw this funky new flavor.


I almost didn’t try it. I mean it’s….well…like I said, funky. But I did try it and I am so glad that I did. It was one of the best ice creams I have ever had. So good!

I keep thinking about when I’m going to go back for more.


That pretty much recaps WW Week 7. It was a longer week than normal because of the change in meeting times. It also made Week 8 a shorter week than normal (Friday – Wednesday) and Week 9 will be even shorter (Wednesday – Sunday).

During Week 8 I went out of town on another camping trip but this one I didn’t meal prep as much as I did the previous one. Well, actually I didn’t meal prep at all. I knew that I was going to be eating out at least twice at a restaurant and I was going to my family reunion. Obviously you can’t take your own food in to a restaurant. I suppose I could have taken my own food to the family reunion I felt confident enough that I could make good decisions that I decided not to.

The first restaurant was my Uncle’s 60th birthday party. It was held at a Mexican restaurant and there was a taco bar for the guests to enjoy. I do love me some rice and beans but I chose to eat just 2 tacos – 1 beef and 1 chicken. This was enough for me to feel full and kept me low on points, sort of. I estimated 13 pts for the two. Forgive me but I forgot to take a picture. Here’s a picture of me and my Uncle instead. 😉


My sister was drinking a margarita and I was in the mood for one as well. Did you know that a single margarita is 17 points?? Ridiculous! And that’s assuming it’s only 6 oz. If it’s more than well you know. I asked if they had a skinny margarita and they did. Only 6 points for one of those. Still a little high but much better than 17!


When they brought out the cake I resisted. It wasn’t the easiest because I do love carrot cake but I stayed clear and soon enough it wasn’t that big a deal at all.


The next day was the family reunion. I scanned the table, it was a potluck, before making my choices and chose those I thought would be low in points or those that I really, really liked.


The salad (no dressing), watermelon and green beans were all zero. Well maybe not the green beans. I believe there was a little bit of butter on them so I tracked a teaspoon. I can’t imagine I took in much more than that. This means, other than the small amount of possible butter, that the only food on my plate that had points was the meatloaf and the deviled egg. Not bad for a meal on the fly with unknown food. And as you can tell my plate is full.

Now for the food that I could have eaten, man I wish I would have taken a picture to show you, there were ribs, fried chicken, chicken lasagna, potato salad, chips, a creamy pasta dish and so much more. I really wanted a piece of that fried chicken. It smelled so good. I almost did too but stuck with my meatloaf. =)

There were lots of desserts too but I stayed clear. This makes twice that I stayed away from desserts. This is huge for me. I love my sweets! But this weekend and last I was choosing to drink my weekly points rather than eat them. Would I rather have a few Crown and Diet Coke’s (yes, I’ve switched to Diet, it’s 0 pts!) or a piece of cake? When on vacation, I choose the drinks!

That night for dinner we made burgers and hot dogs. I pretty much just had a burger. But it was the best damn burger I have had in a long time. Man, it was so good!


We also got lots of exercise in. On the way down my sister and I had a few spare hours prior to the birthday party so I showed her and my nephew a hiking trail I had gone on the previous summer. Have you ever been to Ha Ha Tonka State Park? If not, you should definitely go. If you park at the Spring entrance the trail goes along side the spring then up 316 stairs looking over the cove and eventually brings you to some castle ruins. The total trip up and down is a little over 2 miles and take about an hour. Good exercise, great scenery and even better views.

We even went back Sunday before heading home to show my sister’s boyfriend. We didn’t do the entire trail this time though. We decided to just show him the castle and check out the natural bridge instead.

We of course took the kayaks out which is even more exercise. Didn’t take any pictures from Friday night but did get some of just us girls, myself, my Aunt and my sister, going out Sunday morning.


Just a few more pictures. Ok a lot of pictures. What can I say? I like to take pictures. My family will thank me one day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all it was a pretty fabulous weekend. =)

This brings me to my last weigh in. Remember how I said that my weeks are all jumbled for a little bit? Well this meant that my meeting this week was an evening meeting when I usually go to morning meetings. I say this because it was my first time that I weighed in and it was a gain rather than a loss – 2.2 lbs.

I’m not worried though and I’m not beating myself up. We all know that the morning is the best time to weigh ourselves. And to weigh at the same time each day that you do. I’m sure that had I weighed in this morning rather than in the evening my weight would not have been the same. And had it been, I’m still not going to worry. There are always ups and downs.


As I mentioned Week 9 will be a short one. I am NOT going out of town this weekend. Therefore I will be able to get back on schedule and attend my normal Sunday morning meetings. That means though that I will be weighing in again in 4 days.

I had meals planned for this week but it hasn’t seemed to happen. lol One must go the grocery store if they want to prepare certain foods. It’s been kind of a fend for yourself kind of week.

Next week will be better!


2 thoughts on “WW Week 7 Recap – WW Week 9

  1. Bettina – love your blog, and so proud of you with your weight loss. Your meals look delicious… good choices. Keep up the great writing. I love it and all the pictures!

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