WW Week 9 Recap

This morning I was able to join my usual Sunday morning group. It felt good to be back around people I’m familiar with. I also have a new appreciation for our group leader. After having gone to a couple other meetings with other leaders, I really enjoy the discussions that our group has. She tries to get us to think, to share and will help us to speak up when the group is quiet.

I was shocked when one of the other leaders just changed the subject when no one was speaking up. I guess she didn’t want to put in the effort or didn’t think the subject was important enough to work with us and help form a positive, strong discussion. It makes me wonder what I missed out on from my Sunday peeps. It sounds like they had some good discussions. Too bad we can’t record our meetings. lol

Remember how I said it was going to be a short week as I get back to my normal routine? Well since it was just 4 days ago that I weighed in I wasn’t expecting to see much change. Sure enough I was correct. I’m down 2.2 lbs. But not really. At least not in my opinion. When I weighed in on Wednesday I was up 2.2 lbs which I’m saying is do to the timing of my weigh in. Remember it was in the evening and I normally weigh in in the AM. There fore I haven’t gained or lost any since my weigh in the week before.

Maybe I’m kidding myself with my thought process but the 2 (2.2 and 2.2) numbers are the exact same…

Just saying.

So I’m calling this week a break even week. I didn’t lose nor did I gain. Woohoo!

In this morning’s meeting we were talking about emotional eating and what our triggers are. Some of the triggers that were mentioned were:

  • “I deserve it” when I’ve had a good day, when I’ve completed a big project, when there is a big weight loss, etc..
  • Stress from long days at work, financial stress, family stress, stress of all kinds
  • When you’ve had a hard or difficult day or if you’ve had a bad week and saw your number go up instead of down.
  • If you’re tired and that drive thru is looking so easy.

Pretty much everything in your life can be a trigger. One of the ladies in the meeting said it best when she said that they are all excuses. It’s kind of true. We are always going to have moments in our life where we will want to turn to food. It can be a celebration with family and friends. It may be a broken down car, argument with a loved one or losing your job. It can even be you just don’t feel like it. You don’t feel like working out. You don’t feel like cooking dinner. You don’t want to take the time to plan out your meals for the next week.

They are all triggers. Every day we can and most likely will come across a trigger.

What do these triggers do? How do we react?

More often than not they cause us to make poor choices. Usually this means we will eat unhealthy foods, eat more than we should and probably feel guilty after doing so. Regret that we made those choices and maybe even be mad at ourselves for doing so.

The trouble with this is that it can make us more depressed which puts us back where we started with the emotional eating in the first place. It’s a vicious, endless cycle. The one fuels the other. On and on we go until we feel we can’t do anything to help ourselves.

But we can!

We just need to learn to recognize these triggers and how we feel before, during and after they take place. We need to learn to not put ourselves down when we succumb to the triggers. So we did. Who cares. We will do better next time.

Instead of reaching for that cheeseburger we eat a salad.

Instead of having a candy bar while sitting at our desk we eat a yogurt.

Instead of stopping at McDonald’s on the way home, we go for a walk, clear our heads and come back refreshed and ready to fix a healthy dinner.

Sometimes a good distraction is all we need. If we can distract ourselves, we might stop ourselves from making that poor decision to begin with. Easier said than done I know. But it can be done.

I think the most important thing we can learn is forgiveness. We are our hardest critic at times. I know I am. We may not do the right thing all the time. But we don’t do the wrong things all the time either. If we can realize that we will have our moments where we are vulnerable but tomorrow is a new day. With new days come new chances to make positive decisions to change our life and our lifestyle. That is what we are all trying to do. We all want to create a new lifestyle where we are happy, feel good about ourselves and know that we can indulge every once in a while without falling off the wagon.

We all want this and we can all have it. One day at a time. Whether that day is one of our best or one of our worst. We will continue, we will bounce back and we will stay strong and motivated!


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