You Can Control Your Cravings

This is true for me today.


I’ve had a difficult day.

My Grandma died last Christmas and her birthday is coming up. Something reminded me of this early this morning and it started the day off bad.

I’ve not been in a good mood all day and I’ve cried several times.

Mid morning I was thinking about chocolate.

There is a large candy bowl at my work. It is usually always full and often times is full of chocolate.

I didn’t touch it.

At lunch I smelled fried food and it smelled oh so good.

I didn’t get any.

Mid to late afternoon I was telling myself that after work I’m going to stop and get some of that Goat Cheese, Apricots and Candied Walnuts ice cream I had a couple weeks ago.

I resisted.

I could have done all of these things today and a few months ago I would have. Yes, the candy, the fried food and even the ice cream. I would have eaten all of it in one day.

But today I left work, with not everything finished because it never gets ALL done (job security I keep saying lol) and I went home (without stopping for ice cream) and ate one of the Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms I made earlier this week. (I hope to finish the post today or tomorrow…promise!)

I’m going to be a good girl because none of those things will really help my mood. I would only feel worse after and even more so Sunday morning at my weigh in.

I can only hope that tomorrow will be better.


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