30 by the 30th: One

My birthday is coming up. Yay!

Not my 30th birthday. My 35th actually. But still yay!

I’ve been trying to think of what to do to celebrate. I make a big deal of my birthday every year. Though I am finding as I get older that it seems more difficult to plan. =(

I’m still not sure what I want to do the weekend of but I have come up with an idea that will help ME celebrate myself as the month progresses.

Have you heard of when people will do 30 things before they turn 30? Or 40 things before they turn 40? I’m going to do something similar!

My birthday is the 30th so I’m going to do 30 things that I talk and talk about doing but never follow thru on before the 30th.

Cool huh?

Today is the 1st therefore it is the 1st day of my 30 by the 30th. =)

I had planned to go to Kaw Point Park. I was rather lookimg forward to it all day. But as the day progressed my mind started thinking of something else instead – FOOD!

You see I had to work at my part part time job today which is at an apartment complex. It was soooo busy. I’m not kidding. In 6 hours I had 5 shows, 3 people left their applications (Yay me!), 2 more people wanted information but didn’t look, several (at least 20-30) paid their rent, and a few people came in to pick up packages.

I list all of this because it was nonstop. Many times I had people waiting for me to finish up with someone else just so that I could help them. There was hardly a moment for me to take a drink of water let alone eat some lunch.

I could have gone home, eaten a little something and then gone to Kaw Point Park. But I didn’t want a little something. I wanted a lot of something.

So no Kaw Point Park…today. It’s only the first day of my 30 by the 30th. I can’t skip the first day.

What did I do?

I bought someone’s gas for them!

That’s right! I did!

I had thought of doing something like this a couple days ago. I’ve heard of people going through a drive-thru and paying for the car behind them. Or paying for someone else’s coffee. I’m trying to avoid fast food and I don’t drink coffee.

Everyone needs gas for their vehicle though!

I needed gas myself. And it so happened a motorcycle was pulling in the same time as me. I quickly ran over and asked the guy if I could pay for his gas. I think I shocked him but he said yes. =)

Lucky for me it only cost me $6!!!

It made his day and mine. He even gave me a hug. =)

1 of 30 = success!! Stay tuned for more!


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