30 by the 30th: Two

I made it to Kaw Point Park today!

I’ve seen several people post pictures on FB and it looks like an amazing place to visit. I’ll be honest though…I didn’t know what it was or where it was. So I had to do a little research.

On their website it says the following:

The Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived at Kaw Point, the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers, on June 26, 1804. The expedition camped at Kaw Point for three days to rest, repair their boats, explore the surrounding countryside, and for the first time during their journey, engage martial law.

Today, Kaw Point is located in the center of metropolitan Kansas City with a great view of downtown, but the Point itself remains in a natural state with beautiful wooded trails, wildflowers, and wildlife. Located along the river, the park has access to highways, the Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail, and two great rivers. This accessible park has an infrastructure to support a large number of visitors, and has an outdoor amphitheater equipped with electricity for performing arts and special events.

Who knew? Apparently a lot of people but not me. lol

It seems to be right up my alley though. Walking along the river, great views of downtown, flowers…love it!

I read that it was difficult to find. I sort of agree with this. I went straight to it however had I not already known that it wasn’t the easiest to find I would have thought I made a wrong turn. First I’m in the industrial district and second MAPS has me turn up this levee road that I honestly wondered if I was even allowed to drive on.


I trusted my MAPS though and kept on. Sure enough it took me where I needed to go. I must admit it was kinda neat feeling like I was somewhere maybe I shouldn’t have been. That is wrong, isn’t it?!

I get out of my car and I immediately see downtown.


It really is a pretty view.

I even saw some kayakers. I must tell my sister. Though if she read my blog she would know as soon as I posted this. 😉


You walk down this short trail to the actual point and where there is a sculpture of Lewis and Clark.

You can also walk past the sculpture to the point itself. Here is a view from that spot.


I was hoping to see the difference between the two rivers like I saw in another’s picture but alas I didn’t. Thanks to Brian Smarker sharing this on FB and tagging Kaw Point Park, this is what I’m talking about.


That would have been awesome to see!

I tried to walk every bit of the park. It’s not that far around. I even walked some of it more than once and I only walked a mile. You can easily walk down to the point in less than half a mile.

Some of the pictures from my little tour of the park.

I even got to see a train come across the railroad tracks. Love trains!

One final picture of downtown framed nicely with trees.


Oh and I saw on their website that that there is a Blues festival coming up in a couple weeks. That just might make it on my 30 by the 30th list. Does it count if it’s going to the same local twice but for different things?

Sounds like a good time to me!


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