30 by the 30th: Three

Downtown KC got it’s own streetcar a little over a year ago. Ever since they first started talking about it I was eager to ride on it. Somehow a year has gone by and I still haven’t. I told you I talk and talk and have very little follow thru…on some things. So on the list it went!


In fact there are many things in KC that I have yet to experience. I sort of feel like I’m a tourist in my own city as I am trying things out for the first time. =)

The KC Streetcar runs on about 2 miles of track starting in the River Market and ending at Union Station. Or vice versa. However you want to look at it. lol


There are 6 stops between the 2 destinations. One being Power & Light. I think I’ll ride it again some time and make a day of it. Maybe have breakfast in the River Market, walk around, read my book a little. Then hop on the Streetcar for a quick ride to P&L and have some lunch, walk around a little more. Hop on again to head to Union Station. You guessed it…walk around some more. Crown Center is right around the corner from Union Station and so is Liberty Memorial aka National WW1 Museum (also on the list!).


Once I’m all done I can take the Streetcar back to the River Market and head home. Sounds like a nice day to me!

Some pictures from my ride today.

Something that took me by surprise is when the car turned my feet started to move as well! I’m not quite sure how to explain it. I guess the “joints” rotate allowing the long streetcar to turn corners.

I took a video…not the best…but you get the idea.


I love that KC has this now and I hope that they take it even further. Maybe all the way to Westport and the Plaza.

Fingers crossed!


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