30 by the 30th: Five

I really stepped out of my comfort zone this time.

Up until now I have tried things that I’ve always wanted to do but they were things I’ve done before. I’ve rode a bike before but never rented one. I’ve hiked before but never been to Kaw Point. You get the picture.

This time was different though. This time I tried something so completely unlike me.

I tried yoga!


Not only did I try yoga but I tried it solo. That’s right, I went alone.

I’m not sure if this made it easier or not but I didn’t go to a yoga studio. I learned that Sunday mornings in front of the Nelson Atkins Museum there is a large yoga session. Yep, I went to that. =)

It was well…interesting. I felt nervous. Of course! Many of the people there seemed to know exactly what they were doing.

I tried to stay toward the back so that I could watch others and hopefully not have too many people watching me make a fool of myself.

I think I may have been successful but they decided to move the whole group out of the sun (as much as they could) and in to the shade. I sort of lost my back of the row spot when this happened. Oops!

It all turned out ok though. People didn’t seem to pay attention to me. At least not that I could tell.

I was definitely watching them though. Not to see if they would fall but to see how they were doing it so that I could mimic them. When they moved us it also made it slightly more difficult to see the instructor. She did an excellent job at explaining the different moves but for a newbie it’s still good to have a visual.

It started off nice and easy. She took us through several steps real slow. Once on the left side and then on the right side. We did this a couple times.

But then she started to speed it up. It took me a second but I got the hang of it.

It was the next step that lost me. She wanted us to go thru the steps ourselves, at our own pace. Ha! Like I could remember the order they were supposed to go in. And following others didn’t necessarily work because everyone was doing something different since they each were going at their own pace.

I felt flustered and lost. I admit I kept looking at the time on my phone and was shocked it had only been 15-20 minutes. It felt like more time had passed.

I even laid back and took a picture of the trees.

Finally she moved on to a new round of moves. These got a little more difficult. Ok a lot more difficult. I even laughed at myself because I just didn’t feel I could do it. I contemplated leaving. Sneaking away and hoping no one would notice. But I was too chicken.

So I gave it a go and you know what…I did it! Not as well as everyone else but good enough for me. =)

Fortunately the next round of moves was easy again and then it was cool down time.

I had survived!

I shared my new experience with the WW private group page on FB and many of the ladies showed interest in going. As soon as I saw this Sunday’s event pop up in my Newsfeed I shared it with everyone. I’m thinking a few of the ladies may try going.

I’m not sure if yoga is for me but I’ll give it a go again. I realize that with practice I won’t feel so unsure of myself and may even grow to enjoy it. Only time will tell though.

In the mean time I’m damn proud of myself for trying something new!


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