30 by the 30th: Four

Around KC, and I’m sure around most larger cities, are these bikes that you can rent, ride and explore. I’ve seen them around and I’ve thought they would be fun to rent some time. But as with most things, I didn’t act on it.


Until now…

Yesterday err…last weekend… I rode a bike for the first time in 2 1/2 years. It was so much fun!


At first I was a little timid. But you know the old saying “it’s like riding a bike” meaning once you learn you never forget? It’s true. After just a short period I was starting to feel more and more comfortable.

The trail that we rode on was the Trolley Trail.



It goes between Waldo and the Plaza. We, my friend’s son and I, started about 2/3 in to the 6.5 mile long trail in Brookside.


We rode until the end of the trail and back.

You know I had to take a selfie while riding. Daredevil that I am. lol


The end stops just shy of the Plaza. I took a picture but it really doesn’t do the Plaza justice.


I swear that the trip back was uphill the entire way. Don’t get me wrong this stretch of road is rather flat. In fact driving it I would have never guessed there was a slight incline to it. But after riding it I no longer think that. Heading toward the Plaza I was able to coast most of the time. Not that I did but I could. On the way back though, there was no coasting. I had to peddle every step of the way.

Trust me, my legs were feeling it toward the end. Every time I saw a new marker I’d tell myself 1 more mile, 3/4 of a mile, half a mile, I see the light at the end of the tunnel! lol

I had a blast though. I even acted as a tourist for a little bit and took pictures of my old college…UMKC.


And of this…


I’m sorry but I don’t know what the statue is called and I didn’t see a sign anywhere. It was an interesting find though. I couldn’t believe that so many people had left all of these offerings.

If any who reads this knows the name of the statue, please leave a comment.

I’ll have to rent bikes in other parts of town and see what else I find. =)


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