WW Week 12 Recap

This week felt a little off for me. As I’ve been losing weight I have enjoyed feeling smaller. I think I’ve said on here that sometimes I even feel skinny! What? Yes!

It’s a good feeling even if it’s not accurate.

But this week I was back to feeling fat. I hated it. I think I was mainly bloated and I’m not quite sure why. I don’t think any of the foods I’ve been eating would cause me to be bloated. Then again, bloating doesn’t always come from the food we eat.

The good thing is I no longer feel that way. Yay!

Today starts a new week and hopefully a larger reduction in my weight. Last week wasn’t even half a pound. Still a negative number, which is always good, but not a high one. I’m sure the 2 pints of Halo Top I had didn’t help. Yes Halo Top is one of the better ice cream options but still you shouldn’t eat a full pint as a serving. And I did…twice!

Hmm…maybe it was the food. lol

Either way…it’s behind me. I have 2 weeks until my birthday and I really want to receive my 25# charm. It’s looking like it might be on my actual birthday that I get it too. I kinda like that. Happy Birthday to me! I’ve set my mind to losing weight and I have lost 25 lbs!


But I can’t go there yet. I want to stay positive. But I don’t want to get my hopes up. I think that may have been what happened last year. That combined with eating anything and everything I could on my “free” weekend.

Last year I was so close to being down 30 lbs. I had set a goal for myself to be down 30 by my birthday. I was so close. But I didn’t make it. I was only 1 lb away but 29 is not 30. Nothing to be ashamed of. And trust me I was still proud of my 29 lbs. But still not 30.

That weekend I went to visit a friend and her husband for the weekend. I went a little crazy and at everything in sight. We ate out a lot and I enjoyed as many free birthday desserts I could. I ate. I drank. I enjoyed myself.

I also never got back on track.

That weekend led to me saying I’ll just give myself the rest of the summer. I’ll get back on track then. I then made excuse after excuse for myself.

I never did reach 30 lbs.

In fact I gained all of the weight I worked so hard to lose back and then some. I’m sure you have all heard me say this before. It’s true though.

Not this time around. I am still going to enjoy my birthday. But I’m not going to go crazy. I’ll not going to fall off the wagon. I’m going to get my 25# charm. I’m then going to get to 30 and keep going until I reach my goal.


2 thoughts on “WW Week 12 Recap

  1. Great attitude Bettina…. and, I’m putting my money on you.. I know you can and will meet your goal.

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