Moment of Weakness

I meant to post this Monday but time got away from me. Correction, I completely forgot. Sorry!

However, I want to make sure to post it now because I feel it’s important. I had a moment of weakness Sunday night. Earlier in the day I had gone to a late lunch with my sister. She introduced me to this cute little cafe in Weston where they make their own cheese and ice cream. We shared a delicious turkey sandwich and of course had some ice cream.

I only ordered one scoop and didn’t even eat all of it. A serving of ice cream is typically 1/2 a cup. Far different from what I used to eat, which would sometimes be close to 2 cups not counting the mix-ins. It’s a wonder sometimes I didn’t get bigger than what I did. lol But the scoop they served me Sunday looked closer to a cup. So I took my spoon and divided it in two and only ate the one half. My sister then took the rest home for her family to finish. Go me!

So where is the moment of weakness? I shared the sandwich. I only ate half the ice cream. Sounds like I made some smart decisions.

You’re right. I did.

But later that night, around 9:30, I was playing with Mr. Trixie and I started craving ice cream. I still had 3/4 of a pint of Halo Top in the freezer. Now I had already had ice cream earlier in the day. It was after 9 and close to bed time. I didn’t need any more ice cream.

I told myself I needed a distraction and not to get any ice cream. Literally as soon as I thought this, I stood up, walked straight to the freezer and grabbed the Halo Top. I then ate all of it. Yes, I did.

Moment of weakness. A big one.

I remember thinking as I ate it that even though Halo Top is lower in points than most other ice cream it has actually proven to be bad for me. I therefore should eat all of it and be done with it.

“All or Nothing”

I think this was the topic of my first or second meeting with Weight Watchers. We either eat it all because we think we’ve already messed up so might as well go all the way or, just like I did, we tell ourselves to eat it all so that it isn’t around to temp us anymore.

Or we don’t touch it at all because the temptation to eat all of it is that strong. If we walk away and don’t have that first bite we are ok.

There is no middle ground.

This was the case with me Sunday night. In fact this is the case with me probably 4 times now when it comes to Halo Top. I have eaten the entire pint 4 different times now. I love ice cream. There was a point where I was having ice cream 3-ish times a week. And I have eaten half a gallon in 2 sittings before. True story.

So it happens. What you do after is what matters most. I am personally going to take a break from buying Halo Top. I’m not telling myself that I can never have it again. But I’ve had 6 pints since learning of it and I’m not sure it’s even been a month yet. Not good.

I also need to work on my distraction skills and fighting the crave. My impulse control was very weak and I was not able to resist the urge. I gave in way to easily.

Having said that, I’m still here. It’s not like it’s harmed me and I’m scarred for life. I just need to be a little stronger next time. I can have ice cream when I make smart choices. I just don’t need to have it twice in the same day.


4 thoughts on “Moment of Weakness

  1. “Identify your enemy and you have won the war.”
    I applaude you for owning up to your weakness and then forging ahead…. life is to be enjoyed!! Hang in there, I’m proud of you.

  2. I feel your pain, ice cream is my nemesis. I can’t even make my peanut butter cool whip ice cream sandwiches because I will just eat them all. I just can’t control myself when it comes to the frozen stuff.

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