30 by the 30th: Seven

I will be 35 at the end of the month. No escaping the fact that I’m in my mid-30’s. Technically I think I was there when I turned 34 maybe even 33. But to some those years could be border line early 30’s. 35, though, that is most definitely your mid-30’s.

Why is this important? Because I am in my mid-30’s and I have never bought myself jewelry. This doesn’t mean that I’ve had other people buying me jewelry either. If only that were the case. lol But sadly it’s not.

This means that while I see others have diamonds and jewels, I do not. I’ve told myself to just go buy something. But I could never bring myself to spend that much money on a single piece. I’m not even talking thousands of dollars. Just a few hundred. It just isn’t me though.

It seemed like a perfect item to add to my list then. I always talk about doing it and it never happens and it’s a great way to celebrate myself. Plus I lost the backing to one of my studs and had yet to replace it. Therefore I hadn’t worn earrings regularly for quite some time and it was getting harder and harder to put them in. I was afraid that my holes would close up soon if I didn’t start wearing them again.

Yes, I do have earrings and necklaces. So yes, I have bought myself jewelry before. But nothing of any value. I think the most expensive piece is maybe $20. I wanted something real!

Last Friday I decided to finally take the plunge. I was going to purchase some new studs and this time they would be diamond. Not sure if you remember but I am also very cheap. So they were not going to be big diamonds nor were they going to come from a fancy jewelry store. That day will come but it’s not here yet.

I gave myself a budget and I intended to stay under it. It was a tiny one but it was more than $20. My Mom even had a coupon (Yes! A coupon! You can see that I wasn’t willing to spend that much money. lol No true jewelry store would have coupons. Or do they? Hmm…) to help me out a little. So off to the store we went.

I looked at several and surprisingly picked a pair that had a smaller stone due to the fact that it was prettier and had more sparkle than another that was larger and still within my budget. I was very pleased with my selection because it meant that I could also look at necklaces to go with my new earrings. =)

I don’t know how I was able to do this but I walked out with not only a new pair of diamond earrings but also a diamond necklace and stayed under my very low budget. Ok I do know how. There was a sale and my Mom’s coupon! Yay for Mom’s!


Double yay for Mom’s because she surprised me at the checkout. I had my card out and was in the process of handing it over to the sales lady when she pipes up and says that it is on her and my stepdad. What? That’s right. They decided to buy me my jewelry as an early birthday gift. I was shocked! I was pleased but shocked!


Does this count as me then buying myself jewelry? I suppose it doesn’t but I’m still marking it off the list. I went there prepared to purchase the jewelry myself. I couldn’t help it if my Mom stole the show. lol

Maybe next time when I really buy myself something I’ll go to one of those fancy jewelry shops. And I’ll bring my Mom! đŸ˜‰


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