WW Week 13 Recap

I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself. As I’ve said recently I was doing so good counting calories and losing weight last year until my birthday weekend. I think that makes my birthday weekend this huge mental obstacle for me this year. I keep telling myself not to go crazy and to just get past it. Make it past it and to still be on track.

I’m going to do it. I know I am. I don’t have anything planned for the weekend and not because of that. Other obstacles came up unfortunately. But this means that I won’t be having 3 free desserts on top of eating and drinking everything in sight.

So that’s part of the pressure. The other part and probably the bigger part, for right now at least, is that I really want to receive my 25# charm on my birthday. I am so close. Last week’s weigh in put me at a total lost of 21 lbs. This morning’s weigh in added 2.2 lbs to that. I only need to lose another 1.8 lbs and I’m there!

It’s totally doable. =)

But I have also had weeks where I only lost .4 lbs or .8 lbs. If I have one of those weeks this next week then no 25# charm for me. =(

Well not at my next weigh in. I’m sure to get it the following weigh in. I realize this. But I really want it next Sunday. Hence the pressure.

I’m practically setting myself up for a disappointed birthday if I don’t get it. Which is terrible! I know this. But yet I am still doing it.

So…I need to do everything in my power to ensure that I do not get disappointed on my birthday. I think I did a good job this week since I lost over half of what was needed. If I can have another week like that I am golden. Golden!

I’m trying to make sure that I am drinking a lot of water. Weeks that I take in more water I tend to lose more. You would think that I would drink the necessary amount of water every day but sadly no, I don’t. This next week I will though. And I’ve been talking and talking about going to the gym. Yet I still haven’t. Why???? The motivation just is not there. If this isn’t motivation enough then what is??


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