30 by the 30th: Eight

Yes, it’s past the 30th. A few of these actually took place before though but I have been slacking on my posting. I clearly did not not get all 30 done. In fact, I kept making changes to my list and realized I don’t even have 30 items listed. So…I wouldn’t have gotten them all 30 finished anyway.

That’s ok though!

The reason I created this list was to get out there and do some of the things that I always said I would do but that I never did. That’s exactly what I did. Success!

I am going to continue working my way through the list though. Just because I didn’t meet the deadline doesn’t mean I can’t do any of the other items. I can and I will. =)

So the first of the three that I need to catch up on is painting. When I first saw the ever popular Paint and Sip classes come out I knew I wanted to do one. However, like most things getting people to do it with me became a challenge. At one of my Weight Watchers meetings they announced that they were going to have one and I was ecstatic. Finally, finally I was going to be able to go to a class. And it was perfect timing too because it was in the month of July. So I would be able to cross painting off my list. Yay!

Then a few days before the event I received a phone call that the class was being cancelled due to not enough participation. Boo! =( I was more disappointed then I think I let on. But one of my dearest friends knew better. I think. She is an artist and doesn’t need to go to a class in order to create beautiful pieces of artwork. Her house is full of them. I’m fortunate to own one myself. Though I admit I haven’t yet found the perfect place to hang it.


She started looking up some painting classes in the area and came across one that interested her. When she told me about it I jumped on the fact that she was willing to go and absolutely said yes! =)

It was fabulous! I had such a good time. She surprised me with one of our high school friends, Courtney. The three of us were best friends back in the day. Lindsay and Courtney have remained very close over the years which allows me to see Court every now and then. It was perfect for the three of us to be together for this. I loved it!


Of course you start off with a blank canvas. This was the part that made me the most nervous. Even with an instructor telling us what to do and where, I soooo didn’t want to mess up.


The first few marks were quite nerve wracking. Put a mark about 2 fingers up from the bottom corner. And again here, this time use your entire hand to mark the place. It felt wrong. But what do I know what feels right and what is wrong. I’m not an artist. I haven’t done anything like that since middle school!


Next came the drawing of the lines for the river. The main part of the painting. They were a light yellow and could and would be mostly covered up. But still I didn’t want to mess up. At one point I did. My line was not even close to any one else’s. I freaked out a little but did my best to go with the flow.


I really started having fun when we worked on the sky. Yellows, oranges, pinks and whites. So many pretty colors. How were they all going to come together and look good? Some how they did though.

Next came the river itself. The river was supposed to be a purplish blue at the bottom getting lighter as the river is going in to the distance. Mine does but mine has 3 distinct areas. I didn’t do the best at blending them together. Oops! lol


By the time it came for filling in the trees and the grasses I was really feeling the wine and didn’t care as much about messing up. hehe


I was also in picture mode. Who am I kidding? I’m always in picture mode. =)


Doesn’t it look like fun?!

I was a little shocked at how it all came together. I thought that this picture was a little advanced for me trying it out for the first time. I mean a lot of times you have one single item, a moon, flower or even elephant head, and the a solid background. But this had a lot going on.

Mine did not look as good as Lindsay’s (she’s the artist),


nor as good as Courtney’s (also an artist) but it was mine and I was/am proud of it.


I even added a little kayak in the river. A pink one!

All in all it was a good experience and a great time with friends.


I’m totally down for doing it again.


Who’s with me? šŸ˜‰


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