30 by the 30th: Nine

I feel I wear the same thing just about every week, year after year. So I decided to try a new style. My friend and I went shopping the day before my birthday to see what might work for me.

It was fun. In some ways I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone.


I tried on a couple of outfits similar to this. I loved the pattern on this but it did NOT work for me. lol

This one I liked quite a bit more. In fact I liked it enough to purchase it. It’s definitely out there though. I’m not sure when or where I would even wear it.


I wish I would have thought to take pictures of some of the earlier outfits. There was a dress that I loved and might have to get something like it after I lose more weight. But for now my stomach is still too big and the dress was way too tight.

Pink dress

I also tried on jeans with color! I chose a wine color. I really liked them. But again they didn’t fit just right. I’m close. Just not quite there yet. But I liked them enough that I’m sure I’ll get a pair once I feel comfortable enough to wear them.

Garnet jeans

So…what did I end up with?

This dress!


I got so many compliments when I wore this to work a few days ago. And after work I met up with two of my Aunts and my Uncle at The New Theater. They loved my dress too!

It is definitely out of the norm for me to wear dress, especially one like this. But I’m in love! I might have to pick me up a few more like this. =)


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