I got this!

Today was the Total Eclipse. True it was during the day and didn’t affect me one bit after work when I would go to the gym. But how many of us would use that as a reason or an excuse to not go?

Be honest now.

You know it’s true.

I come home after work and my power was out. Again this could have easily been another excuse. Though it’s actually a good reason to go to the gym. No power, no TV.

And it stormed on and off all day. In fact it was coming down so hard as I was driving to the gym I could hardly see. I thought about turning around, mad at myself for waiting so long to go. I have a tendency to wait until 9pm to get out the door. But decided to at least drive up there, I was so close, and see if the rain died down enough that I could run in.

It did and I did. =)

Dedication baby!


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