Steak and Chicken Kabobs

The night that I signed up for Weight Watchers I was hanging out at a friend’s house. She was making steak and chicken kabobs for dinner and man they were one of the best meals I had had in a while. She always cooks good food though. And she definitely eats healthier than I do. So it was no surprise that when I entered the recipe in the Weight Watchers app the point value was low.

You know what that means? I stole her dish and made it for myself! lol


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Food Scale

When I used to count calories I would measure everything I ate with my measuring cups and spoons. But I didn’t have a food scale to measure ounces. Since I’ve decided to start paying attention to what I’m eating again (this time by counting points) I broke down and bought a food scale.

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Penne w/ Pea and Spinach Pesto and Asparagus

I’ve been trying to make this meal for a couple weeks now. I started to purchase the ingredients the day my sister convinced me to not finish my grocery shopping and join her and our Mom for dinner. I’m glad that I met them, the steak was fabulous!, but it messed with my dinner plans for the week. The following week I got back on track and purchased everything that was needed. But then I never prepared the dish.

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Sausage and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

I wrote this post over a week ago. All I had to do was add the recipe at the end and hit publish. But life got in the way and it was a rough week. So here I am now. I have several posts I would like to get in before the month ends. We’ll see if I can do it. Fingers crossed!

It’s so easy to go sweet and stay sweet when working with a theme of apples. I mean you have apple pie, apple cobbler, apple cake (possibly to be seen later this month), apple dumplings, apple crisp… The list of desserts can go on and on. Why not throw something savory in to the mix?

That’s what I’m doing with this Sausage and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash.


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Belated Birthday Dinner

As you all may remember, my birthday was the end of July. However, my family is very busy and it can sometimes be difficult for us to get together. Last weekend my Dad and I were finally able to meet up for dinner. We had tried once before but had to reschedule.

My brother Cody and his boyfriend Anthony joined us as well as…


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