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Mr. Trixie stole my fudgsicle today!

I couldn’t believe it. He’s never done anything like this before. But he sure has now. In fact he did it 3 times!

The first time I was shocked.

The second time I didn’t think he would do it again.

The third was so that I could get a picture since I didn’t either of the first 2 times. Lol

Crazy cat!


Little Prankster

So Mr. Trixie has his way of waking me up. Actually he has several ways. One of them is to jump up on my elliptical machine. I hear him walking around on the buttons and sure enough it wakes me up.

I decided to take some pictures the other night.

Look at him just staring at me. 

Then he starts moving around more like “Mom, you need to come get me. I’m kinda trapped here.”

It works every time though. I get out of bed, take him off the elliptical and he lays down with me…for a little while at least.

Gotta love him!!