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WW Week 44-ish Recap

Sorry about last week ya’ll!

I unexpectedly got invited to hang out with one of my dear friend’s and her husband. Free Bingo at Boulevard Brewing Company. Oh yeah! I then decided to continue hanging out with them the rest of the day. Good quality time but it meant that I got nothing done. lol

Oh well. It’s good to have days like that every once in a while.

I will admit that I did go for a short run (1 mile) around their neighborhood. Not bad. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the gym as planned. I was already in my gym clothes so I said just do it. And I did!

So I’ve learned a few things about myself over the last few weeks. To say learn is a little of a stretch. I’ve already been aware of these things but they are hitting home a little more now.

The first thing is that I turn to sweets during two specific times of the month. The first one (sorry guys!) I’m sure you can guess without me going in to too much detail. The second is when we are closing our period or Month End at work. It’s a stressful time because there is a lot to be done in a short span of time. This Month End was even more so because we are short handed. I’ve been trying to step up as much as I can which has led to several late nights. I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed taking on new responsibilities and learning new things. There’s just been some long days.

How does this affect my weight? I turn to chocolate during the day. Not just a piece or two but more like 10. Yes. Yes, I do. Also, I don’t plan in advance and take my dinner in with me. Which means I’m eating late at night and making not so healthy choices.

These are both things that I can learn from and improve on.  I think next Month End I will prepare dinner on Sunday that I can take in on Monday. It will then be there for me all week. Fortunately, we have multiple fridges at work so this shouldn’t be an issue with my coworkers. This way I will have a healthy meal and still eat at a normal time. It might be nice to take a few minute break as well. Secondly, I’m going to make sure I have more fruit or at least healthier snack options to choose from during this time period. Maybe then I’ll stay away from the candy bowl.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t been drinking as much water. I can literally go all day and not drink anything or drink less than 10 oz of water. I know! It’s terrible! I find that I drink more water when I’m tracking it in the habit tracker in my bullet journal. However, when I’m working late hours and have a busy weekend, I am not working in my bullet journal as much. In fact, I’ve hardly been in my bullet journal for the last couple weeks. I kinda miss it and am hoping I can work in it later today.

The last thing I’m becoming more and more aware of is how when I’m not tracking what I eat, I take full advantage of this and eat everything I can. I need to work on this one. But it’s not easy. Not for me at least.

I’m keeping this short because I wanted to get a post in while I was thinking about it. However, I must go. My sister and I are doing Beer Yoga today. Who knew there was such a thing! I want to get a work out in before hand. If I’m going to have time, I must go. Now!

I realize I didn’t put any numbers in here. That’s because I don’t weigh in until tomorrow. I’ll try my best to post again then.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!


WW Week 31 Recap

This week was a success! You are probably thinking I had a big weight loss. Am I right? Well you’d be wrong because I didn’t. In fact, my weight loss was .4 lbs.

So, why was it so successful?

I’m back on track. Woohoo! I tracked my food the majority of the week and I went to the gym 5 days. That’s right people…I’m back!

If I’m being completely honest, I was a little disappointed when I saw such a low weight loss. I just knew that it was going to be big. 2-3 lbs big. Yet it wasn’t even a lb. I’m not letting this get me down though because I know that I did better than I had the previous 3-ish weeks. Plus, getting back in the gym probably didn’t help. Don’t get me wrong, working out and being active in general is always a good thing. But when you go from not exercising to exercising excessively, you don’t usually see a large weight loss such as you might hope. At least not in the beginning. Not for me.

I’ve decided to try an experiment though. I typically work out the week leading up to a race and I’m lucky if I get in to the gym in between. This time I got in the gym about a week and a half before race day. Therefore, I’m still in the gym. I went today and plan on going tomorrow and Tuesday, taking Wednesday off and will run at the race Thursday. After which, I am hoping to get in the pattern of going Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday moving forward.

My problem is taking a day off. I don’t want to go to the gym every single day but when I take a day off, even just one day, it’s hard to go back the following day. I’m hoping if I can get in a routine of going on these days, it will help keep me disciplined. We’ll see.

Back to the experiment…I’m curious to see if I see a huge impact at the scale after continuing to exercise 2 weeks in a row and 3 weeks in a row. Do you think I will? I hope so. But I’m not sure. I know that being active is good for your health in general. However, it’s not necessarily the key to losing weight. Food is the key to losing weight; what you eat and how much you eat. The majority of my weight loss has happened in the kitchen and not in the gym. But will going to the gym 4 days a week help? Fingers crossed that it does!

This week was a little sad for me. More than likely next week will be too. Not sad as in I cried. Believe me, I cry a lot. But sad that I am seeing so many people losing such large amounts and making Lifetime and I’m not. Ok, let me back it up a little bit. I’m happy for these people. I am. But had I not fallen off the wagon, I would be oh so close to Lifetime myself. I honestly think I would have made it today if not, then next Sunday. Seeing others make Lifetime and/or have weight losses of 75, 90 and 125 lbs stings a little. I’m not wanting to lose quite that much but if I were at Lifetime, my weight loss total would be in the mid 40’s. Still a significant number. I’ll get there. I know I will. But to think I could be there now…

Having said that, you would think I would be drinking up all of the good advice WW is dishing out at the meetings this week and last. I am but I’m not. I don’t plan on switching out any of the dishes. In fact, I plan on taking Pumpkin Cake Balls. Not healthy at all! lol I plan on having my pecan pie and my pumpkin pie. I’m going to eat fried turkey, my Dad’s garlic potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing. Most of these foods I get 3 times a year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. That’s it. So I’m going to treasure them while I can. Not to mention, I love it all!

I do plan on eating smaller portions. I don’t plan on taking any left overs with me. I will be running a 5K the morning of Thanksgiving and going to the gym 4 out of the 5 days leading up to the big day. I am also going to make a Detox Immune-Boosting Chicken Soup to eat the days before. Pretty much it’s a chicken noodle soup minus the noodles and amped up with veggies. It’s not like I’m ignoring everyone’s advice. Because I’m not. But I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving and not have any regrets because I passed on something that I might not see for another year.

So here’s to being back on track, staying in the gym and hoping all goes well Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!