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Steak and Chicken Kabobs

The night that I signed up for Weight Watchers I was hanging out at a friend’s house. She was making steak and chicken kabobs for dinner and man they were one of the best meals I had had in a while. She always cooks good food though. And she definitely eats healthier than I do. So it was no surprise that when I entered the recipe in the Weight Watchers app the point value was low.

You know what that means? I stole her dish and made it for myself! lol


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WW Week 5 Cont’d

I don’t know how people come up with menus for families each and every week. It’s just me. I typically just need to prepare two meals a week. I eat one for lunch and have the other for dinner. And yet sometimes it is so difficult to figure out what I want to eat. More so when you are trying to make those meals healthy. Whereas families need to come up with 5+ meals and sometimes have to feed picky eaters. I just don’t know how they do it.

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WW Week 3 – Week 4 Recap

So sorry for not posting for a little while. Two weeks ago I came down with a cold, the flu, who knows. All I know is I was sick for 5 days. I just didn’t feel like doing much. Unfortunately it was a busy period at work and I didn’t feel I could take the time off. I did end up missing one day but I attempted to go in. My head was just so foggy that I left almost immediately. I slept most of that day after returning home. Slept or watched tv. It was the only day I allowed myself to do nothing.

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Food Scale

When I used to count calories I would measure everything I ate with my measuring cups and spoons. But I didn’t have a food scale to measure ounces. Since I’ve decided to start paying attention to what I’m eating again (this time by counting points) I broke down and bought a food scale.

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Penne w/ Pea and Spinach Pesto and Asparagus

I’ve been trying to make this meal for a couple weeks now. I started to purchase the ingredients the day my sister convinced me to not finish my grocery shopping and join her and our Mom for dinner. I’m glad that I met them, the steak was fabulous!, but it messed with my dinner plans for the week. The following week I got back on track and purchased everything that was needed. But then I never prepared the dish.

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