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Mushroom Gravy

Last night I was looking for a side dish to eat with my lonely chicken breast. Originally, I was going to get a second chicken breast, cut each in half and make Lightened Up Chicken Parmesan. However, I needed a side dish.

At first, I was thinking spaghetti squash with sauce could be my side dish. I mean, spaghetti and chicken parm are perfect together. But, I stopped at a friend’s house after work and still needed to stop at the store. It was going to be late when I got home and I still needed to cook dinner.  I wasn’t in the mood to wait close to an hour for the spaghetti squash to roast. I also didn’t want to take the time to shred it up after. It’s easy. I know it is. But it’s time consuming. If you’ve ever made it, you know what I mean.

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So…my birthday is coming up. I keep thinking of what I’m going to eat the day of. It’s crazy how the main focus for me is food.

Why do I think of food so much?!

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Today was a carb day. I didn’t mean for it to be one. It just sort of happened. How you might ask? By not sticking to my plan.

I had a low point breakfast – 2 eggs with 3 pieces of turkey bacon (2 pts). I took my lunch to work – remember the leftovers from my Monday night (4 pts)? I had plenty to work with. So, when I took a coworker to Cupcake a la Mode for his birthday, I decided to get one for myself.


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4th of July

What do you think of when you think of 4th of July? I think of fireworks of course! But I also think of sun, pool/lake, friends, family, food, lots and lots of food and drinks (probably a lot of those as well). The first 5 things won’t affect you in the point department but the last 2 most certainly can.

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WW Recap Week 62

So, I missed Week 60’s usual weigh-in on Sunday. I had gone to the drive-in with my sister the night before and didn’t get home until very late. The meeting literally started less than 4 hours from the time I went to bed. Needless to say, I didn’t want to wake up and go. I did weigh in the following Saturday though.

I had a gain of 4.8 lbs. Ouch!

My work had me working in different locations helping with some deliveries of our product. This is not a normal thing. In fact, it only happens once a year. It is very labor intensive and tiring. At each of these deliveries, donuts and pizza are provided depending on the time of the delivery. I had 2 donuts 2 separate days and 3 pieces of pizza on 4 days. You heard that right. I was carbing it up. Hence the 4.8 lb gain. Yes, I burned extra calories. Yes, I was outside sweating. But, I did not burn enough to cover the hundreds, possibly thousands, of calories I was taking in.

I then went to my normal meeting the very next day, no gain or loss, and was back on track both with my meetings and with tracking and no more carb loading.

Week 62 was successful and I lost the 4.8 lbs gained in Week 60-1. Great!

Because of my yo-yo, I only lost 3 lbs during the month of June putting me closer to goal but not by much. It’s great to know that when you gain, you can correct your mistakes and lose the weight again, hopefully relatively quick. But, it puts you back at least a couple weeks, maybe more.

Had I continued to make healthy choices and not succumbed to the free food being offered, I could have had an awesome week. Not only because I was tracking but because I was burning extra calories on top of eating healthy. I made poor decision after poor decision and it showed at the end of the week.

Those donuts and pizza sure tasted good though. And it was FREE!

Free. That’s a hard one for me. It is difficult for me to turn down free sometimes. Free anything really but especially free food. I pointed this out in my meeting and the leader said something that just wow’d me. She said it’s not free. I was about to respond to her with something like yes, I know, I took in extra calories, and I’m paying for it in my weight so therefore, it’s not free. But she beat me by saying, “Every time you choose to eat something that is going to put you over on your points, or choose not to track and make poor eating decisions, you are paying for an extra week of the Weight Watcher program.”

Wow! That really hit home for me. How many times have I said I was supposed to hit Goal last November? I’m so sick of paying $45 a month? I should be Lifetime by now and not paying any longer? Many, many times. Probably too many to count. Every time I make a poor decision, even if it’s free food, it is costing me in more ways than one. It’s never truly free.

I can’t say that I’m not going to mess up again because I probably will. But, I’m hoping I can keep her words at the front of my mind and continue to track and lose weight all the way to GOAL.

Who’s with me?!