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30 by the 30th: Eight

Yes, it’s past the 30th. A few of these actually took place before though but I have been slacking on my posting. I clearly did not not get all 30 done. In fact, I kept making changes to my list and realized I don’t even have 30 items listed. So…I wouldn’t have gotten them all 30 finished anyway.

That’s ok though!

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WW Week 3 – Week 4 Recap

So sorry for not posting for a little while. Two weeks ago I came down with a cold, the flu, who knows. All I know is I was sick for 5 days. I just didn’t feel like doing much. Unfortunately it was a busy period at work and I didn’t feel I could take the time off. I did end up missing one day but I attempted to go in. My head was just so foggy that I left almost immediately. I slept most of that day after returning home. Slept or watched tv. It was the only day I allowed myself to do nothing.

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KC Sweet 16

I try to run in at least one race each year. Some years I will do quite a bit. Two years ago I ran in roughly 8 races. Some years I only run in a couple such as last year. This year I decided I would only run in the KC Sweet 16 Series. The series consisted of 4 races that were 4 miles each thus 16. As you already know, I ran in the Plaza 10K a couple of weeks ago as a favor for a friend. I’ve also registered for the first ever Longview 5K coming up in November. So my 4 race year has turned in to a 6 race year. It happens! lol


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Belated Birthday Dinner

As you all may remember, my birthday was the end of July. However, my family is very busy and it can sometimes be difficult for us to get together. Last weekend my Dad and I were finally able to meet up for dinner. We had tried once before but had to reschedule.

My brother Cody and his boyfriend Anthony joined us as well as…


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Birthday Weekend

This last weekend was my birthday.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I celebrated by visiting my friend Leslie and her husband Jason. She doesn’t live too far away, only about 2 hours, but we don’t see each other nearly as often as I would like.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of good food, a little nature, The Great British Baking Show and good quality time together.


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