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Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. You see, yesterday was my Grandma’s birthday. The first one since her death last Christmas. I miss her very much but yesterday she was on my mind, obviously so, a little more than usual.


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Deer Creek

From time to time I think of my Grandpa. Sometimes the memories will overwhelm me and I will start crying. Other times it’s a quick little memory that leaves me with a smile on my face. This morning I had one of those feel good memories and I thought I would share it with you all.

When my sister and I were younger we would spend a couple weeks each summer with our Grandparents. They lived at the lake and we would go swimming in front of their house just about every day. I’m not sure why but I don’t remember Grandpa every being with us. It was always Grandma. Grandpa was probably feeding the cows or tending to the garden.

Occasionally though we would venture away from the lake and would visit Deer Creek. Grandpa always came when we would go there. It wasn’t a very big creek. Actually it was quite big. At least when looking through my little girl eyes it was. It wasn’t very deep though I do remember the water being very cold. My sister and I would jump from rock bed to rock bed to get to a section where there was the most water.

We always had the creek to ourselves. I don’t know if it was the day of the week and people were busy. Or if it was little known and our little secret. Either way we didn’t care!

Those were some good days. I love memories like that. Love and miss you Grandpa! =)